StufZ Review and Product Info

StufZ Review and Product Info

StufZ is a burger press which is advertised as a way to create the ultimate stuffed burger. Read our StufZ reviews from editors and readers.

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About Stufz

Although most consumers have only seen Stufz advertised since mid-2013, the product has been on the market for about 5 years. It was first marketed independently by inventor Dave Hanson. The product was originally called “Stufz: The Next Generation of Gourmet Burgers” which was eventually shortened to Stufz. The original website was, which now forwards to the current official website,

At some point in 2013, the product was re-branded with celebrity chef Brian Duffy (of Bar Rescue fame) pitching the product, and the new official website,, which was registered on June 17, 2013.

As of 2014, Stufz can be found in some stores. A local As Seen on TV store reported that sales of Stufz were brisk, and it was their most popular item in stock. It is available for $13.99.

This Stufz display was seen in an As Seen on TV store in Las Vegas NV in Feb. 2014.

This Stufz display was seen in an As Seen on TV store in Las Vegas NV in Feb. 2014.

How much does Stufz cost?

  • Stufz costs $9.99 + $4.99 shipping for a total of $14.98.
  • There is a “second one free” which you cannot opt out of, for another $4.99, bringing your total to $19.97.
  • Warning: Because they sell this buy-one-get-one offer as a set, some consumers mistakenly select two sets, which means they are ordering 4 Stufz for $19.97 + $19.97 = $39.94
  • You can now buy Stufz in stores for about $14.
Google trends shows searches on "Stufz" were minimal until mid-2013.

Google trends shows searches on “Stufz” were minimal until mid-2013.

Stufz Television Commercial

Here is a commercial for Stufz, which began airing in mid-2013.

Our Stufz Review

Stufz is marketed as a way to create perfect stuffed hamburgers. We put the product to the test, and present our results below.

Although some testers were able to quickly master the nuances of creating a perfect Stufz burger, not everyone that tested it here found success. Below are some of the concerns our testers had:

  • Thickness: Our testers were inclined to fill Stufz to the top, creating a very thick burger. Cooking a burger of this thickness takes a little more time and patience than “regular” burgers. If you want thinner bugers, simply avoid filling Stufz all the way to the top.
  • Leakage: One of the main complaints was that of the contents leaking out. This did not happen to everyone, but it seemed to be caused by overfilling. There is a learning curve involved with this problem. One solution to leakage is to slightly pinch along the seam of the top of the burger, which is where leakages were most apt to occur.
  • Technique: How much meat to use on the bottom and top was something of a learning process. Using too little meat on top led to leakage, while using too much meat on top required longer grilling times and an unevenness in texture.
  • Construction: The product has the feel of flimsy plastic. Pressing down on it at times gave the sensation that the sides were about to collapse. It would be interesting to compare the 2013 Stufz with a 2009 model to see if the construction has changed since then.
  • Sticking: Stufz does not feature non-stick surfaces, and can be messy when creating several patties.
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Note on Ordering
As with many As Seen on TV Products, ordering from the Stufz website can be confusing and frustrating for some consumers. As stated above, it is easy to select “2” Stufz from their drop-down on the ordering menu with the belief you are ordering one plus the second one “free.” Selecting “2” however is actually selecting two sets of two, meaning you are ordering 4 for nearly $40.

Ordering Stufz online will also likely result in a deluge or marketing calls, with attempts to sell you additional products. This is one more reason to pick it up locally.

Stufz is not the only stuffed burger press on the market. There are many to choose from, such as a $7 model we spotted at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Bottom Line

Stufz is a good idea, which could be great if some improvements were made, such as a nonstick surface and more durable construction. Even the most voracious burger lover, however, may leave the Stufz website with a bad taste in their mouth due to a confusing ordering process.

Now that it is available in stores, we advise purchasing locally to avoid shipping costs and delays, plus unwanted telemarketing calls.

Your Stufz Reviews

Have you used Stufz? Give us your reviews in the comments below.

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