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  • Odd News
    Woman Blind for 21 Years Regains Sight After Falling

    A 70-year old Florida woman surprisingly regained her sight after 21 years following a fall.

  • Odd News
    Viral Videos Show Big Alligators Eating Little Alligators

    Visitors at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, Florida have recently spotted large alligators feasting on smaller gators.

  • Odd News
    800-Pound Gator Caught in Florida

    Two hunters in Florida killed an 800-pound alligator measuring 15 feet in length.

  • Odd News
    Ft. Lauderdale’s Disastrous Underwater Tire Reef

    An artificial reef made of discarded tires was created off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in the 1970s. It proved to be a monumental mistake, destroying natural coral in the area. Cleanup efforts continue to this day, and have barely made a dent in the massive number of tires on the...

  • Odd News
    Jewelry Store Offers Free Shotgun With Purchase

    A Florida jewelry store held it’s third annual Christmas promotion offering a free shotgun with purchases of $450 or more.

  • Odd News
    Woman Attacks Flatulent Husband

    A Florida woman was arrested recently for attacking her husband after an episode of repeated flatulence.

  • Odd News
    Worst Suspect Sketch Ever?

    A witness attempting to help police catch the murderer of a Rabbi in Florida drew a sketch of the suspect, which has been described as one of the worst sketches ever.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Ft. Myers “Laser Beam” Photo Explained

    A photo posted online in August 2015 shows a beam of light which appears to be shooting through a cloud bank.