Telemarketer Spotlight: Dantz Development

Have you received a call from a company called Dantz Development Company? It's likely that this call is from a scammer using a fake identity.

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Fake Magazine Subscription Telemarketer or Scammer

Article Updated January 31, 2013.

Fake Name
Even though the caller ID reads “Dantz Dev Co” or “Dantz Development” we have confirmed that this is not the identity of the company calling. Dantz Development is a software company which specializes in backup and recovery software and was acquired by EMC back in 2004 and is still known listed as “EMC Dantz” out of Walnut Creek, California. That office, however, was shut down several years ago. It is believed that this telemarketer is using an old number previously owned by Dantz.

EMC Reponse
We reached out to EMC for clarification on this issue, and received the following response:

EMC has nothing to do with this. We will investigate, but it appears  that the telemarketer is using a number that used to belong to Dantz, which EMC did acquire.  The Dantz office in Walnut Creek was shut down years ago. It’s possible that the phone company has not updated its records so Dantz is showing up in caller ID.

We have had reports that this “fake Dantz” is actually a company called Mediahouse. We are attempting to confirm.

When the telemarketer calls, they will offer to sell you magazine subscriptions to such titles as Better Homes & Gardens or Ladies Home Journal. We haven’t found anyone who has bought a subscription from them, and we were unable to verify with a couple of magazines that these subscriptions are being peddled on their behalf. For this reason, we believe the name and the magazine offer may be a ruse to scam callers. The most common phone number we’ve seen from the telemarketer is 925-948-9155. We’ve had complaints that this company will call multiple times a day, all hours of the day, and have had reports of rude operators who hang up or curse at those they call! It has been suggested that the telemarketer is calling on behalf of, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Additional “Fake” Dantz Phone numbers
It appears that the telemarketer used the number 925-948-9469 in 2012 but no longer actively uses it.

We have reached out to Meredith and will update this article when they respond.

Have you received calls from 925-948-9155 or another number claiming to be from Dantz Development? We want to hear from you in the comments below.

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  • Taylor

    I got a call from this number today claiming they were a polling group. I asked a couple of times who they were associated with and that was all they would tell me. They are pilling from some old directory because they asked for someone that must have had my number previously (various other debt collectors have called looking for the same person)