Anti-Trump Skywriters at Rose Parade: “Trump is Disgusting.”

Anti-Trump Skywriters at Rose Parade: “Trump is Disgusting.”

Spectators at the 127th Rose Parade were treated to a skywriting display, but it wasn’t related to the beautiful floats passing by.

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“Trump is Disgusting”

Just as the last float left the gate, skywriters began creating a series of massive messages in the sky above the parade.

Dotting across the sky, the planes spelled out “America is great! Trump is disgusting,” in an apparent reference to Trump’s use of the word “disgusting” while criticizing Hillary Clinton’s tardiness when she came back late from a bathroom break during a recent debate.

Other messages included “Trump loves to hate,” “Iowans dump Trump,” and “Trump is a fascist dictator.”

The phrase “AnybodybutTrump.us” was also spelled out, apparently linking the stunt with the website AnybodyButTrump.us.

The identity of the skywriters remained unknown, although the ad firm AirSign has taken credit for the stunt. Sara Sidner told CNN that the skywriting could be seen for “about a 10 mile radius.”

Iowa voters were the likely target for the messages, as the Iowa Hawkeyes face the Stanford Cardinal in this year’s Rose Bowl.

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