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Trump Tweets Fake Graphic, Saudi Prince Fires Back

Trump Tweets Fake Graphic, Saudi Prince Fires Back

Donald Trump tweeted a Photoshopped meme of Megyn Kelly which showed her supposedly posing with a Saudi Prince.

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Megyn Kelly Meme

On January 28, 2016, Trump’s Twitter account posted the following meme which appeared to show Megyn Kelly posing with Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal and his sister, claiming that the prince is a “co-owner” of the Fox News.

megyn kelly meme

Most people don’t know that the co-owner of Fox News is Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia here with his sister and Mygan (sic) Kelly. In case you only watch Fox News and you missed it everywhere else.


While Al-Waleed’s “co-ownership” of Fox News could be technically correct, based on which definition you use, the photo of Megyn Kelly posing with Al-Waleed is certainly fake.

Trump’s decision to post the meme is no doubt due to his feud with Kelly which dates to an August 2015 debate, in which Trump complained of being treated unfairly by the moderators from Fox News.

It is true that Al-Waleed owns a small stake in 21st Century Fox, but his share only amounts to 6.6% of the entertainment company that was founded by Rupert Murdoch. Further, his ownership is through his investment firm, Kingdom Holding Company, of which the prince owns about 95%. That company has ownership in a number of major U.S. companies, such as Apple, HP, Pepsi, and Walt Disney. To call Al-Waleed a “co-owner” of Fox News would mean he is also a co-owner of all these other other companies.

Referring to Al Waleed as a “co-owner” may be technically correct, although the implication in the meme is that he holds a significant stake in the company. It may be more accurate to refer to the Al-Waleed as a shareholder.

Additionally, Megyn Kelly was superimposed in the meme above. The original photo can be seen below.

megyn kelly

Prince Responds

On January 28, Al-Waleed responded to Trump’s tweet, stating that he bailed Trump out twice in the past.

Bottom Line

Donald Trump tweeted out a meme which is largely incorrect. It features a Photoshopped image in which Megyn Kelly is portrayed alongside Prince Al Waleed, who is claimed to be a “co-owner” of Fox News. The Saudi Prince fired back, claiming that he had bailed Trump out twice in the past.

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