Ty Bollinger’s Cancer Book

A look at a book promoted by Ty Bollinger called “Cancer: Step Outside of the Box.”

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First of all, his websites (yes plural) look like the typical e-book affiliate sites which ramble on about how great the product is, give little info, tons of testimonials, free e-books if you purchase, and end with a link to buy their amazing, breakthrough product.

Here are a couple of his sites:


I’ve seen the book. Severe grammatical issues aside, and once you wade through the religious ramblings, the personal stories, and the conspiracy theories, you’ll find the same old natural “cures” found easily on the internet. For free.

And despite the fact that Mr. Bollinger may even have good intentions, the low quality of his book, paired with the fact that there really isn’t any thing ground-breaking included, makes it a product of questionable value.

It starts to feel like it is a marketing campaign which preys on those who are sick and desperate for a cure.

When reading reviews of the book, be sure to look at the glowing 5 star reviews in comparison to the 1 and 3 star reviews.

It’s one thing to write a book about natural cancer cures. But this book is not the most informative, not the most informed, not the best written, and not the most unique on the topic.

I know if I were diagnosed with cancer and looking for something like “juicing to rid myself of cancer” then I’d read what nutritionists, herbalists, and yes even medical doctors who believe in alternative medicine have to say.

And I’d start juicing like crazy until I found some sort of consensus on the matter.

I would not invest in a poorly written ebook which is merely a collection of cures easily found on the internet.

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25 Comments on Ty Bollinger’s Cancer Book

  1. Chemical drugs actually take many years for the extensive approval process. The problem is, natural treatments are banned by the FDA, who serves as a protective force for the pharmaceutical industry. They are like Moose and Rocko, who will take out those who compete with the big pharmas that dominate products and processes by their huge money. Natural remedies cannot be patented, thus, are not even in the picture when it comes to competition in the marketplace. The FDA forbids them because there is no money to pass around. At the same time, the federal government embraces companies like Monsanto who are absolutely poisoning us through manipulation of food DNA. It’s all about money and control of the masses. There does exist conspiracy without the “theory” of conspiracy.

  2. Good. He isn’t in the business of running an argument board. I would do the same. The site is likely for discussions that advance cancer research and healing; not for bashing and repeating gullible sheeple paranoia.

  3. There are MANY verified recoveries from natural remedies. I know of several myself but I know of countless deaths from traditional treatment. Slow painful deaths that occurred AFTER estates and insurance proceeds were depleted. It is true that the petrochemical pharmacy industry came in like a steam roller and replaced natural therapy for economic reasons. Europeans call U.S. cancer treatments barbaric. Their survival rate far exceeds ours. The U.S. ranks eleventh in cancer survival. Steve McQueen had been cured by natural means in Mexico. All but one tumor had vanished and one had shrunk dramatically from his treatment in Mexico. The traditional doctors from Los Angeles talked him into surgically removing the dead shrunken tumor and McQueen died from the surgery – NOT from cancer. Of course, the media reported that he died after treatment at an alternative Mexican clinic.

  4. CHART Natural Cancer Healing // May 28, 2014 at 4:58 am //

    Hey Merton, if you know anyone using natural therapies for cancer, please encourage them to start a CHART Medical Log. We’re doing the research and in a few years, we might have an answer for you.

  5. If people were actually being cured by these natural treatments the word would spread like wildfire to family and friends. Do you know anyone who was cured naturally? I had a good friend who went to Mexico for coffee enemas and such. Of course she died of cancer. I believe the actor Steve McQueen also tried natural cures and he met a similar fate. If there are any documented, verifiable cases of natural cures of cancer patients I’d like to hear about them. I. Truly wish there is a natural cure. I have friends that have cancer and some who have died of cancer.

  6. I am a 53 yr old health advocate that truly believe “PREVENTION IS THE BEST MEDICINE”! This book by Ty Bollinger is very simply telling you to “step outside the box” and be open minded enough to think about natural therapies instead of going via conventional, mainstream medicine that is obviously fueled by MONEY!!! Wake up people and realize what you are putting in your mouth effects your overall health!

  7. Add Facebook to his sites,and if you go there and have a different opinion then him he will block you!

  8. also waffles…i just went to the site cancer tutor.com, and within this site, it refers theh reader to go to Ty Bollingers book 31 day cancer cure….so why are you referring it and then knocking TY? sounds fishy what your agenda is on here being so negative. by the way, cacnertutor site is good too….get it together and row the same boat

    • Virtually all of the “cures” in his book can be found on that site for free. It’s not surprising they would mention a book that bolsters the cures they list. The idea here isn’t whether or not any of these things work, but that he is charging for readily-available alternative “cures” found all over the internet. If you want alternative cures, go cancertutor is a great free resource that goes beyond the scope of Mr. Bollinger’s book.

  9. Too much negativity here Waffles! You have to be open minded an d consider that a cancer recipient has been handed a DEATH SENTENCE when they first hear the word CANCER. I believe that any available alternative healing is good, not matter how we get it, and how much it costs, as long as we get it NOW! I dont have a problem with this TY guy, and I have not even read his stuff…just reading all the comments on here is enough for me…and YOU WAFFLES should quit judging TY. Look within your own heart , and try to feel like others feel. QUIT judging a good guy doing a good thing. The things he is putting in his book and the way he is trying to share it with the world is not a BAD thing…its a GOOD thing, so knock it off! By the way, 11 years ago My father was told by a conventional doctor, chief surgeon of cancer clinic hospital in Canada, that his only hope is ten chemo treatments for his liver cancer, and that he was not a candidate for a liver transplant, as he was an alcoholic, and that his chemo probably would not cure it, and that thte liver can never recover , but to take the treatments anyways. I had already lined up my Dad to go to Mexico for alternative treatments, so He told the Canadian doctor NO! and went to Mexico. The alternative treatments were diet and vitamin injections. He improved incredibly. He is no longer with us as died of a heart attack. The Canadian doctor had cancelled his artery surgery he was supposed to have as they said , no use having it, since teh liver cancer is going to kill you soon. Nice eh? SO yeah….GOOD ON TY! and get off of here WAFFLES! if you are going to be negative…try just supporting other good guys, same as you want to be supported. You believe in natural cures, so quit knocking someone else who is trying to do the same thing…help people. By the way, my niece was just diagnosed with sinus cancer stage 4, and she has 3 weeks till her surgery and doctor said she will lose half her face and teeth and one eye, and then will see when they go in , what else they can do….and a tracheotomy…..so we have her hooked up with alternative healing and also we have her hooked up to receive Long distance healing from GOD through John of GOD of Brazil. CHeck him out people…google him and see all teh you tube videos. He has helped GOD heal millions in 45 yrs. Skeptics please dont reply. We are not interested in negativity. GOD is GOOD….SHAre the LOVE and the LIGHT!

    • The negativity is toward a man selling hyped-up cures that are easily found for free online. The sentiment here is that rather than paying for his book full of cures that he did not discover, you can find all the same information and more at websites such as cancertutor.com, with which we have no affiliation.

  10. Just want to point out that Ty gives his books free to anyone with cancer or who doesn’t have the money to purchase them. He lost two family members to cancer and I believe his heart is in helping others, as he says, to be aware of all of the options available in treating disease. You don’t have to be a doctor to gain knowledge in medicine. A person has to make a living, of course he has to sell books. People profit off of much worse things than helping others. Ty comes across as genuine to me. Blessings!

  11. Hi,

    I understand that in your great country (the land of the free) a chemical drug takes less than a year of testing to be approved, and a natural remedy takes many years.

    Is it true?

  12. bill march // June 5, 2013 at 11:21 pm //

    This guy should be in jail He finds faults with everything .Cancer is an aggressive illness and needs to be treated that way.Most people have friends that have had cancer but don’t go around knocking everything scientific.HE has no credentials, ‘I had cancer 20 years ago and I am still here after getting treated by outstanding caring medical DOCTORS.I ALSO HAVE BEEN SELLING ORGANIC FOODS FOR OVER 10 YEARS .I SELL IT BUT DONT BELEIVE IT WORKS . P T BARNUN SAID IT BEST.

  13. Considering the fact that the information they provide is not easily available I still believe that they should be applauded for publishing the information. Have you met Ty Bollinger? I think I can answer that actually because if you met him you would never have a negative comment about him. Since he spoke in Pittsburgh he will answer questions through email for FREE! Amazing guy who is both knowledgable and passionate about holistic healing. You should consider attending his next lecture and I’m sure your opinion will change.

    • He is probably a nice guy, especially at lectures full of eager customers. And the information he is repackaging is not difficult to obtain at all, unless a person has no access to a computer or a library. Much of the info is decades old. Have you researched Carnivora, which he advertises on the radio?

      We’d love to interview him, though it’s not clear if he would agree to anyone other than a sympathizer.

  14. You are clearly missing the point here. The more books published about alternative cancer treatments that work the better. The website you refer to I have never heard of it. Glad it is available and I’m sure it can help many people just as Ty’s book has and will continue to. If this is a matter of putting his book down over paying 15 or 20 dollars for it than that is just foolish. I’m pretty sure someone who hasn’t heard of that website but only came across Ty’s book would value their life enough to pay that amount. Again…the point is anyway and anyhow the information is out out into the public is going to help people. And isn’t that ultimately the goal? And when I refer to following the money I am talking to Big Pharma companies who are making billions at our expense not a great guy who spoke to our holistic group for FREE! He should get paid for putting his research and information together in a book. (from this own experiences and resources such as Dr. Farley) Should he not get paid for his time and devotion to the fight we are all fighting?? How about realizing this guy lost most of his family to cancer and made it his mission to understand the disease and help others. Don’t put down the ‘good guys’ trying to help…use that energy towards the medical community making major profits from treatments that they actually admit they would never use themselves.

    • The point isn’t pro or con alternative cures, but that there is nothing new or breakthrough in this book, and there is nothing unique. If you developed something you thought would help people – and offered it for free – and someone else turned around and sold it as a breakthrough cure, you may not call that person a “good guy.”

      While we agree with many criticisms of the “Big Pharma” companies – it seems naive to blindly embrace everyone in alternative medicine, as not everyone in this industry is well-intended. People like Bollinger and Trudeau slap together a bunch of old ideas and sell them as breakthrough books. To us, that’s just as ghoulish as what’s going on in the pharmaceutical industry.

  15. I am honestly disgusted at the lack of knowledge and consideration of those who HAVE stayed in remission only because of books like Ty Bollinger’s. Do you have any idea what it is like to see your mother diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and the doctor tell you that diet and nutrition will NOT help to keep you in remission? They say this because they are trained by Big Pharma companies and YES no government affiliated companies will ever study the positive effects of alternative therapies because they are cheap in comparison to chemo, drugs and radiation therapy. FOLLOW THE MONEY PEOPLE!!!!!! Do your research and you will find people are dying due to the organs failing because of the treatments NOT the cancer. I applaud people like Ty who will take the risk and publish this factual information knowing that the government and FDA are waiting for a good reason to take away our freedom of speech. That freedom comes with a price. If we stopped using these drugs that are killing us the economy would suffer…bottom line…money lost. The money is in the middle as it was stated perfectly in the movie Forks over Knives. The money isn’t in keeping healthy nor is it in you being dead…it’s in the middle. My mother was told 5 years ago she wouldn’t survive her cancer and here we are 5 years later and she is in complete remission and the best health of her life. It’s not a secret…Diet and Nutrition WORK!!! Keeping your body alkaline and juicing are a major part of it! I don’t care if Ty’s book had ‘grammatical errors’ as the first comment suggested. It’s the TRUTH and I am thankful for it. I had to search for months to acquire the information in that book to find the right protocols for alternative treatment. Keep it up Ty….there are people like my mom and I that value your research and are living proof of that. God Bless anyone reading and take control of your health….fear inducing conventional medicine is failing. Do your research and remember it is YOUR body!!!!!

    • Tell you what… visit cancertutor.com, with which we have zero affiliation. You’ll find most, if not all, of the alternative treatments/cures offered by Mr. Bollinger – for FREE. The author(s) of that website truly want to help and offer it to everyone, rather than selling cures that have been around for decades or even centuries. It’s not a matter of research, it’s a matter of repackaging old ideas as if they are new or unique and selling them to desperate sufferers.

      Finally, “following the money” should also include those who reap benefits from reselling repackaged ideas they did not develop, right?

      If you want to know about alternative cures/treatments, save your money and visit cancertutor.com.

  16. As/in a response to Waffles, Royal Rife, Bob Beckman and others.

    AMA is not your friend. Using the word “cure” is frowned upon.

    Being cured does not make people money.

    As an example there is a cure for AIDS. Most people don’t know this.

    Every time I see people begging for money for the cure for aids I get pissed.

    United States Patent 5676977. It’s an injection of tetrasilver tetroxide molecular crystals into the bloodstream of the AIDS patient.

    Make, drink and use silver ion nano particles.

  17. Dave Stoy // August 19, 2012 at 5:35 am //

    Keep up your good work, honest reporting. I also believe in juicing, organic foods, to be the best path to health!!!
    Thank you.

  18. Another reader // August 1, 2012 at 8:27 pm //

    I think what the other commenter was saying is that you say that the book is very poorly written but you dont say that the information is incorrect. You say that all the information is available online but if someone wants that information this book supposedly gives it all to you in one place and supposedly has been tested and has shown great results.

    Im a singing teacher who has students all over the world via skype. I never started out to become a singing teacher just someone that could sing ok at karaoke. I ended up having lessons and reading more and more. I had people come to me asking questions and i began diagnosing what they did wrong and teaching them how to correct it. As more and more people asked, I diagnosed problems and developed many of my own ways of teaching how to fix problems. I had people start to tell me I should teach professionally and write a book on singing. I didnt set out to be a singing teacher. This guy wrote this book quite a few years ago. He was a CPA that studied all he could find on this, supposedly as it was a big killer in his family. He ended up knowing all this information so his friends probably said, “you should write a book.” So when someone asks, “where can I find this information, how do I know what really works and what doesnt?, they can find his book online and get it all in one spot. He probably googled how to market his book when he wrote it and ended up finding sites that promoted marketing the way scammers do. Thats how he ended up with the scam marketing techniques.
    I’m looking for those natural cancer cures for a family member right now and Im asking the questions I said above about what works, where can I find it all at once. I found your page when I googled Ty Bollinger scam because I wanted to see if people had proof it was a scam before I looked further. What the other poster is saying is if you believe the book is a scam, point us towards something that isnt. Dont just call it a scam because he’s not a writer and he gathered the information from other sources. If he’s like me he has learnt about something he never planned to and has now turned it into a business. Do you work for free? If the information is good, quite complete and works thats all I’m interested in. He may use the scammers sale technique but its workin and his book is the one people find first. I want the information, I wish the people that wrote the best book in your top 100 used his promotion techniques as well, then I’d not be googling this guys name and scam. The result of that google was your comment and someone saying he was a scam to other people on a regular forum that had tried what he said and had it work for their family member. So his information is looking quite good. If you know better books on this or especially better free information on line that is all in one place, then please share it with us. Thanks.

    • I thought the book was great. Yes he does review “old remedies” which just further shows that there have been cures for cancer for ages. It was good to get a review in one place. Big pharma is not out to cure anything, but treat symptoms, keep us sick and squeeze every cent out of us before we die as we eat GMO’s processed foods and pesticides. As for there being an avalanche of press for cured patients? Ha Ha! The press is in the pockets of those who own big pharma and big food. Please. We don’t have a free press. Just look at Gerson patients alone. There are MANY MANY people who cure their cancer with natural means. They just go on with their lives. No, the mainstream press will not cover this.

  19. waffles // July 28, 2012 at 7:59 am //

    Thanks for your comment. That post is nearly two years old and has been viewed tens of thousands of times since it was first published here. Yours is the first comment to defend the book, which I maintain to this day is poorly written and devoid of anything substantive.

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