Veet Infini’Silk Pro Reviews and Product Info

Veet Infini’Silk Pro Reviews and Product Info

Veet Infini’Silk Pro is a permanent hair reduction product which runs on intense pulsed light (IPL) technology. Read the reviews from editors and readers.

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About Veet Infini’Silk Pro

Infini’Silk from Veet is a handheld appliance that is marketed as a permanent hair reduction system. This product uses intense pulsed light (IPL) technology which supposedly prevents growth of hair at the root. Apparently this is accomplished by moving the Infini’Silk over a targeted area and pressing a trigger which delivers a brief pulse of light energy straight into the pigment of hair follicles. Both the Infini’Silk and the Infini’Silk Pro have five adjustable energy settings.

A page devoted to explaining IPL on reports that there can be some mild side effects during and immediately after usage. The following are listed as potential side effects which normally clear up within 24 hours:

  • Minor stinging
  • Minor redness
  • Increased sensitivity/dryness
  • Temporary pigment alterations and swelling

Hair reduction results are purportedly seen after 4-5 treatments (approximately a period of six weeks), and permanent results are allegedly complete after 10 treatments.

Since Infini’Silk requires the presence of an intact hair root in order to work, Veet recommends shaving any unwanted hair (not waxing) from targeted areas just prior to IPL treatments. Given this advice, it should be pointed out that Infini’Silk is not a shaver or a tool for hair removal, but a system for eventual permanent hair reduction.

The product website states that Infini’Silk does not work well on darkly complected or tanned skin because the darker pigments will absorb the light pulse before they can reach hair follicles. This could result in skin burns and/or some of the side effects mentioned above. Following is a quote from the Infini’Silk website explaining who will receive the best results:

Intense pulsed light technology is most effective with the highest contrast between skin and hair color, so people with very light skin and very dark hair will experience the best results. Black and dark brown hairs on light skin tones respond the best. Intense pulsed light technology is not suitable for naturally darker skin tones or deeply tanned skin.

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How Much Does Veet Infini’Silk Pro Cost?

The Infini’Silk and Infini’Silk Pro are available to order with a credit card on the product website and from Amazon. Veet offers free shipping and a 60 day refund/exchange policy. Their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page states that Infini’Silk can be refunded and/or exchanged (minus shipping and handling) within 60 days of the receipt date.

The pricing of Infini’Silk seems somewhat ambiguous until carefully reading the ‘Order Summary’ on the Checkout page. Infini’Silk can be purchased by paying in full or in 6 installments. Here is a breakdown of pricing for the Infini’Silk and Infini’Silk Pro:

  • Infini’Silk: 6 payments of $39.95 for a total of $239.70
  • Infini’Silk Pro: 6 payments of $49.95 for a total of $299.70

Sales tax is added to orders from CA, CO, IA, LA, NC, OH & PA.

Replacement cartridges for the Infini’Silk Pro are currently selling on Amazon for $18.66.

Infini’Silk vs Infini’Silk Pro

No information could be found specifically addressing differences between the Infini’Silk and the Infini’Silk Pro. However, the following are several distinctions deduced from the Infini’Silk website:

  • The Infini’Pro has a handle whereas the regular Infini’Silk does not.
  • According to the Infini’Silk FAQ page, the regular Infini’Silk delivers approximately 50,000 light pulses before becoming inactive. The Infini’Silk Pro runs on cartridges, each of which will last for up to 5,000 light pulses before requiring replacement.
  • 3 different plugs/adapters come with the Infini’Silk Pro.
  • As mentioned above, the regular Infini’Silk costs a total of $239.70 while the Infini’Silk Pro has a price-tag of $299.70.

Veet Infini’Silk Pro Television Commercial

Below is a transcript of the Veet Infini’Silk Pro commercial:

What do you really think of body hair?

From the neck down, I really don’t want to have any hair whatsoever.

It’s a little embarrassing at times.

Shaving is a pain in the butt.

Hair belongs on your head, you know, not on your legs, not on your arms.

Imagine if you could say goodbye to unwanted hair permanently. Well, now you can with the incredible new Infini’Silk Pro from Veet.

This has given me real true lasting results. It really works.

With the Infini’Silk Pro, you can get the freedom and confidence of permanent hair reduction. That’s right, permanent. Beautiful smooth skin everyday.

To have permanent results, where I can never have to worry about that hair again, that’s a dream come true.

I wanted to get rid of all the unwanted chest hair, and Veet Infini’Silk did that for me.

Infini’Silk Pro is perfect for arms, legs, underarms, even bikini line hair!

The Infini’Silk Pro is not a laser, razor, or wax, so what makes the Infini’Silk Pro so different? It’s secret is IPL, the same clinically proven technology used by many leading dermatologists and skin clinics. Just place the easy to use Infini’Silk on the area you want to remove hair. Quick pulses of focused light target the pigment. This light energy then deactivates the root of the hair follicle, so new hair won’t grow back.

The Infini’Silk is safe, it’s effective, and you can do it in the privacy of your own home.

With the Infini’Silk Pro, you’ll get beautiful touchably smooth skin that lasts. Guaranteed.

Call or go online now to order the new Infini’Silk Pro from Veet. Now you can try the Infini’Silk Pro in your home risk free for a full 60 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your results, then we’ll refund your money. Your Infini’Silk Pro also comes with free shipping. Order now and you’ll also receive a free, replaceable cartridge, perfect for sharing with a family member or friend. It’s a $50 value, yours free from Veet. Take advantage of this special offer. Call or visit today.

Veet Infini’Silk Pro Reviews

With legions of affiliated marketers posting glowing reviews, it can sometimes be difficult to get an accurate view of a product, yet one can sometimes read between the lines by consulting glowing reviews alongside negative reviews. In the case of Infini’Silk, almost all the reviews are positive and claim the product works as advertised. Reviews on Amazon show a small number of glowing reviews opposite a small number of negative reviews with the the majority being in the 3-4 star range. Most people who rated the Infini’Silk poorly complained that it was time consuming and didn’t realize that it took weeks to achieve noticeable results.

There are several pages of reviews of Infini’Silk on YouTube, yet the majority of these are associated with Veet and feature people who were given the product for free. I did find one thorough and fairly objective video review which has been posted below.

Bottom Line

The Veet Infini’Silk Pro is a permanent hair reduction device that operates on intense pulse light (IPL) technology. This is not a system that will provide immediate results, but one that may reduce hair through several treatments over a period of several weeks. Overall, reviews of Infini’Silk seem to be positive.

Your Veet Infini’Silk Reviews

Have you used the Veet Infini’Silk or the Infini’Silk Pro? Give us your review in the comments below.

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