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Why is there no cell phone video of the Paris attacks? Because there is.

Why is there no cell phone video of the Paris attacks? Because there is.

Some conspiracy theorists have pondered why no cell phone video exists of the terrorist attacks on Paris, or of the immediate aftermath. The answer, of course, is that videos do exist.

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Paris Attack Videos

The argument that “no cell phone video exists” of the attacks is among several points of contention employed by the expected slew of videos which refer to the Paris attacks a hoax, a conspiracy, or a sinister plot by the Illuminati (no, seriously).

While it’s true that we don’t have 1080 HD closeups of the attackers mowing down innocent concert-goers, it should stand to reason that those closest to the line of fire were likely running or ducking for cover, rather than reaching for their phones to take a shot for Instagram. There were those at a somewhat safe distance who did reach for their cameras, and those individuals captured explosions, gunfire, and injured or fleeing victims. There were also the fans at the Eagles of Death Metal concert who were filming the band until the moments after shots rang out.

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None of that matters to conspiracy theorists, however, as any evidence which refutes the belief that the Paris attacks were fake is categorically dismissed as part of the hoax or cover-up. Grainy videos are labeled at as inconclusive; higher quality footage deemed to be staged.

Further hedging their bets, some conspiracy theorists have tried to use those same cell phone videos (which don’t exist?) to point out perceived inconsistencies in the official story to “prove” that we are simply watching crisis actors performing in a giant hoax. A grainy light in one video, for example, was offered as evidence to “prove” a crisis actor was on the phone when he/she was supposed to be dead. This line of reasoning doesn’t take into consideration thousands of first-hand eyewitnesses to the carnage who haven’t posed the same questions raised by conspiracy theorists who weren’t there.

Only hours after the attacks, some conspiracy theorists began to circulate an already-debunked meme which erroneously claimed the same woman was at the Paris attacks, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, and Colorado theater shooting. The identities of the other women in the photo were revealed long ago, which shows the lengths some people will go to try to convince others of such falsehoods.

Conspiracy videos try to convince viewers that footage from the scene is either fake, staged, or was simply filmed by unsuspecting bystanders who were gullible enough to believe it was all real. Or, as some claim, there is no video evidence at all.

Paris Videos

Below is a short compilation of videos which were posted online immediately after the Paris attacks.

Shooting Begins

Terrorists opened fire during the Eagles of Death Metal concert, which was captured by fans in the audience who were filming the band.

Explosion at Paris Stadium

This video shows the reaction at the stadium to an explosion which occurred at 9:17pm. The Daily Mail reports that this was one of two explosions near the sporting event. The second was believed to be at a McDonald’s “on the fringes of the stadium.”

Bataclan Club

Police quickly arrived on the scene near the Bataclan club.

Police Response

Police were filmed while engaging terrorist in a shootout, said to be outside Bataclan. You can see police in the third video moving cautiously through the streets.

Victims rushed to hospital

The aftermath of the attacks was captured by numerous individuals who posted them online. The first shows a wounded individual being removed from a restaurant in Paris, while the second shows more victims of the attacks.

In addition to those embedded above, you can find a short compilation of social media videos which posted by NBC News which captured the chaos around Paris.

Bottom Line

Those who claim there is no cell phone video from the Paris attacks ignore the fact that numerous videos have in fact emerged. Conspiracy theorists appear to believe they have a special ability to determine that the event was the work of crisis actors, while thousands of witnesses who saw it unfold in person were too gullible to come to the same conclusion.

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