Viewing a Private Facebook Profile

No matter how tightly you set your security settings, there are always ways in which a person can view your private Facebook profile. Today we'll take a look at some of the methods people use to gain access to your private info.

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Why Bother?
There are lots of reasons people would want to see a private Facebook profile. Co-workers, ex-girlfriends, and new beaus of past lovers are among those who might want to take a look at your info. Unlike the days of Myspace, when cracking their codes was rather simple, it’s not so easy on Facebook. By no means should you attempt to try viewing a private Facebook profile for any harmful means or with any malice involved.

On the other hand, you should never post anything on Facebook that you wouldn’t want the general public to see. You never know when Facebook’s software might malfunction and all of your “private” information is publicly seen.

Because Facebook’s privacy settings vary from person to person, there’s no one method for doing this. There are several things to try, each one having a slightly deviousness behind it.

Mutual friends
In some settings, friends of friends can see some items on a person’s wall. So in these cases, you might find it easiest to just send some friend requests. Of course you don’t want it to be obvious. The first choice would be to befriend someone with whom you already share mutual friends. Go to your target’s friend’s list and see if any of their friends share mutual friends with you. This would be the best choice, as you already have a reason to befriend them. Once this person accepts your friend request, you may be able to see some information on your target’s wall.

If none of your target’s friends share mutual friends with you, the next choice would be to find one of your target’s friends who is a “friend whore” – someone who obviously delights in friend requests and has over 1000 friends. These people always appear in your target’s news feed with lots of new connections, so you won’t stand out. Your target may even believe their friend sent you a request.

It’s possible you’ll do all of this only to find that your target doesn’t share anything with friends of friends. If that’s the case, we need to move to the next step.

Fake profile
Yes, it sounds horrible, but hey if you want to get in the trenches, this is where you have to go. Create a fake profile, using a somewhat generic name, and set the profile in the same city as your target. Use some “Add Friends” pages like this one to get a few friends started. Also, look at your target’s friends and add any “friend whores” you see on there – most of them will accept a request. Post a few things on your wall and make sure to set a profile picture with something such as a football team logo or something else without a picture of you, but that also puts you in their locale. Work the profile for at least a week, and then send your target a friend request. If they see a friend request from someone in their area with mutual friends, chances are they’ll accept the friend request.

Though I don’t go down the hack/crack avenue, such tools are also available, should you decide to invest time, and risk, in them. Use at your own risk, as some end up being a virus, old, or just a scam.

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