Wallet Ninja Reviews

Wallet Ninja Reviews

Wallet Ninja is advertised as an 18-in-1 flat multi-tool which can fit in your wallet. Read our Wallet Ninja reviews from editors and readers.

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About Wallet Ninja

Wallet Ninja is billed as an 18-in-1 flat multi-tool which is small enough to fit in your wallet. The official website is, which was registered in February 2011. As of May 2014, the website now forwards to a page on The product has been advertised to younger men, as seen in advertisements airing on MTV.

Tools included:

  • Bottle opener
  • Box opener
  • Can opener
  • Cell phone stand
  • Fruit peeler
  • Hex wrenches (6)
  • Letter opener
  • Ruler (2: standard and metric)
  • Screw driver (3: Eyeglass, Phillips, flat-head)

Below is a screenshot of, captured in April 2014. The website currently forwards to a product page on Amazon.

wallet ninja reviews

How much does Wallet Ninja cost?

Currently, Wallet Ninja costs $14.99 with shipping of about $5, when purchased from Amazon.

Originally, Wallet Ninja was $9.99 plus $3.99 shipping for a total of $13.98. Additional sets were $9.99 but did not have additional shipping. A bonus “Ninja Light” was included with all orders.

Wallet Ninja TV Commercial

Below is a transcript of the television commercial for Wallet Ninja.

Justin Credible here. I’ve got 18 powerful everyday tools with me, and no it’s not any of these, but it’s right here in my wallet. This is the Wallet Ninja. It’s got 6 wrenches, 4 screwdrivers, 4 openers, 2 rulers, fruit peeler, even a cell phone stand. You’re gonna use this bad boy every day of your life, and let me show you why.

You got your Phillips, flathead, virtually any size household screw, including those teeny tiny ones in eyeglasses. Six size hex wrenches for a quick tighten, can opener for camping trips, bottle opener for barbecues, box opener, fruit peeler, letter opener. It has a centimeter ruler on one side. Flip it over, you got inches, two whole inches. That’s all you really need.

Now watch, slide any credit card into the slit and now it’s stand for your smart phone. What? We just took all this and put it into this. Wallet Ninja is made from four times heat-treated stainless steel. Four times. Guaranteed to never rust, bend, or dull. And to prove the power of Wallet Ninja, we invited fitness personality James Ellis to try to bend it. Yeah, I thought so. And hey, you might have already forgotten, but this thing is the size of a credit card, so it fits right inside your wallet. And one more thing. It’s TSA approved, so it won’t get snagged at the airport. Multi-tools with half these features sell for as much as $40, but order in the next 30 minutes and we’re gonna give you the 18-tool-in-1 Wallet Ninja for just $9.99, because there should be no wallet in America without one of these. But hold on, if you call now we’ll give you our never before seen Ninja Light totally free. It’s got super bright light in the size of a credit card. Use it in tight spaces, finding the right key, or when you’re just out. It’s perfect for power outages. You won’t believe how bright this thing is. So if you call before this timer runs out, you’ll get our incredible Wallet Ninja for just $9.99  and our never-before-seen Ninja Light totally free. This offer is not available in stores, so you gotta order now.

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Our Wallet Ninja Review

Wallet Ninja is an assortment of small tools designed to come in handy in a pinch. The quality and effectiveness of the tools is also an assortment, with some much more useful than others.

Perhaps the most useful and easiest to use tool is the bottle opener. The least useful tool in the opinion of our testers is the can opener, which is slow and clumsy to use. Then we have the two rulers, which require no skill to use, and are also of limited use at only two inches.

The website claims Wallet Ninja is “TSA Approved” but personal experience tells us that different workers at different airports have varying degrees of scrutiny. We have not, however, attempted to take in on a plane.

Although Wallet Ninja claims to be the “World’s First 100% Flat Multi-Tool,” there are similar products to be found online. Credit card sized pocket tools are easy to find on marketplace websites such Amazon as this search shows, with some as cheap as $1.

Bottom Line

Wallet Ninja is a good idea and some of the tools can be handy in a pinch. It seems a bit gimmicky – and we wouldn’t go so far as to stay it replaces a toolbox – but some of these tools could be useful in an emergency situation. You may also want to shop around, as similar products are readily available for less.

Your Wallet Ninja Reviews

Have you used Wallet Ninja? Give us your review in the comments below, and let us know which tools you found most and least useful.

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