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Classic Viral Video: “Weird Cloud”

Classic Viral Video: “Weird Cloud”

A video allegedly shows a “weird cloud” which fell from the sky. Today we’ll take a closer look at this classic viral video.

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“Weird Cloud”

The “weird cloud” video was posted back in 2011, but it has continued to gain viewer interest over the past five years. It amassed nearly 2.7 million views by May 2014, and 6.2 million views by February 2016.

weird cloud

This object behaves more like foam than a cloud.

The 4-minute video begins with a statement that it is the “first cloud to ever hit earth.”

The beginning of the video shows a cloud-like object floating through the air. Approximately a minute into the video, the object settles onto the ground and blows up against a fence. At the 2:30 mark, a man walks up to the object and place his hand inside of it.

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While the object in the video certainly has a cloud-like appearance, it does not behave like a true cloud or fog which is a merely mass of condensed water vapor. Clouds are not solid objects and would merely float through the fence, unlike the object in this video.

Some have suggested that the object seen here could be sea foam, while others have pointed to a 2015 report of toxic foam in Bangalore which also resembles the “cloud” in the video. That foam is created by ammonia, phosphate, and low dissolved oxygen in a lake which combine to form the nasty, foul-smelling foam.

Bottom Line

While it isn’t clear exactly what this object is, it behaves more like foam than a cloud. It could be similar to the toxic foam reported in Bangalore in 2015, or perhaps some type of sea foam.

What do you believe this object is?

Updated February 9, 2016
Originally published July 2013

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