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Welcome to Idaho Gun Warning Sign

Welcome to Idaho Gun Warning Sign

A graphic shows a “Welcome to Idaho” sign which includes a warning to criminals and terrorists about its gun-carrying population. Is this sign real?

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It’s fake.

The text below the “Welcome to Idaho” was digitally added either as a joke or as a statement about gun control. The text reads:

Attention Criminals & Terrorists

Over 170,000 Idaho residents have a permit to legally carry a concealed weapon, about 60% of the rest of the population is armed but have not bothered to purchase the license as it is not a requirement to carry a firearm. Understand, a substantial portion of the population is armed and prepared to defend themselves and others against acts of criminal violence.


However, California, New York and Illinois have disarmed their citizens for your convenience.

Below you can see the image being circulated, and then an unaltered photograph of the “Welcome to Idaho” sign that does not have the added text:


Version 2

In December 2014, a reader sent us the image below. This variation reads:

You may not like guns.
That is your right.
You may not believe in God.
That is your choice.

But if someone breaks into your home, the first two things you are going to do are…

Call someone with a gun and pray they get there in time.

Gov. Nick Waite.

welcome to idaho fake sign

Both of the “Welcome to Idaho” images above have been digitally altered from the original photo below.

welcome to idaho real sign

In the past, we have written of similar fake signs for Louisiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Bottom Line

The “Welcome to Idaho” gun warning sign is fake. It was either created as a joke or a statement about the state’s gun-carrying population. The two versions in circulation have been digitally altered from the original photo shown above.

Updated December 4, 2014
Originally published February 2014

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