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White House “Piece of Mind” Typo Ignites Twitter Jokes

White House “Piece of Mind” Typo Ignites Twitter Jokes

The White House sought to promote the Affordable Care Act with a series of Tweets this week featuring the hashtag #GetCovered. A glaring typo in one of the tweets, however, proved to be somewhat of a distraction from the Twitter campaign.

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On Thursday, the official White House twitter account sent out several #GetCovered tweets promoting the Affordable Care Act, including the image below of President Obama holding a sign which read, “#GetCovered because nobody should go broke just because they get sick!”


The theme’s message was briefly overshadowed when another #GetCovered tweet included a graphic which was not grammatically correct.


Although the text correctly read, “#GetCovered because your mom will have peace of mind (and you will as well),” the graphic included the word “piece” instead of “peace.”

Memes and jokes featuring the “piece of mind” phrase immediately ensued. The hashtag #pieceofmind was also seen frequently throughout the day.



The #GetCovered campaign was launched back in September, with dozens of celebrities taking part in the movement.

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