Whole Body Research Reviews

Whole Body Research Reviews

Whole Body Research is an online supplement vendor. Today we offer Whole Body Research reviews from editors and readers.

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About Whole Body Research

Whole Body Research claims to only carry 100% natural ingredients, free from synthetic fillers, antibiotics, colors, and preservaties. This California-based company cites a copyright date back to 2011 on their website, although the domain was only registered on November 29, 2012. That is only a month after their flagship product, garcinia cambogia, became popularized on an episode of Dr. Oz. They claim that their products are made in the USA.

They state that they follow five fundamental rules: Natural ingredients, high quality, third-party testing, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and superior customer service.

Whole Body Research Reviews and Product Information

This is a screen shot of the Whole Body Research website.


You can contact Whole Body Research at 800-240-7721. They also have social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Their Facebook page admins do occasionally field questions from consumers.

Email: [email protected]
Address: 8391 Beverly Blvd. #471 Los Angeles, California, 90048

Shipping & Returns

The website claims that shipping takes 2 to 5 days, via the USPS (under their “Our Mission” section, however, they state that shipping occurs in 1 to 3 days). There is a 90-day money-back guarantee on their products.

Whole Body Research Products

The products offered by Whole Body Research are as follows

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: 1435 mg, 50% GCA chlorogenic acid. 90 capsules for a 30-day supply costs $48.
  • Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia: 60% HCA extract and potassium. 90 capsules for a 30-day supply costs $44.99. (Review)
  • Raspberry Ketones: 60 capsules for a 30-day supply costs $48.99.
  • Keybiotics: 37.5 billion bacteria from 14 unique strains. Thirty 500mg capsules for a 30-day supply costs $69.99. (Review)
  • HH550 Men’s Hair Advanced Formula: Formula consisting of biotin, folic acid, organic kelp powder, saw palmetto, MSM, collagen, silicon, and other ingredients. 60 capsules for a 30-day supply costs $31.99.
  • Hair Repair Advanced Formula For Women: Similar to the men’s hair formula, this one contains biotin, folic acid, organic kelp powder, saw palmetto, MSM, collagen, silicon, and other ingredients. 60 capsules for a 30-day supply costs $35.99.
  • Joint Stimuflex: A pill containing natural eggshell membrane, turmeric extract, white willow, and boswellia serrate extract. 60 capsules for a 30-day supply costs $39.99.
  • Natural Calcium: 500mg of Calcium, plus zinc, magnesium, K2, and D3. 60 capsules for a 30-day supply costs $35.99.
  • 100% Whole Food Vitamin C: 60 capsules for a 30-day supply costs $19.99.
  • 100% Whole Food Prenatal: 393mg contains folic acid and Vitamin D. 120 capsules for a 30-day supply costs $59.99.
  • 100% Natural Stress Regress: 1000mg blend contains Ashwagandha root, holy basil, reishi mushroom. 60 capsules for a 30-day supply costs $36.95.
  • True Prostate: Contains pygeum, saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, cornsilk, pumpkin seed extract. 60 capsules for a 30-day supply costs $34.99.

If you purchase any of the products above in bulk, the cost per bottle is reduced. The company also makes it clear that there will be no hidden “auto-ship” program that many online supplement vendors employ.

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Although Whole Body Research is a relatively new website, with a rather limited stock, it has found a way to quickly gain popularity online over the past year. They do tend to specialize in the latest fads and popular products, such as garcinia cambogia or Vitamin C. It remains to be seen if their small product line will be enough to sustain them in the long run.

Our Whole Body Research Review

We placed an order for a bottle of the 100% Whole Food Vitamin C. The product arrived within the allotted window, and the transaction went smoothly. It was a rather uneventful transaction and the supplement appears to be well-manufactured and packaged.

We also ordered the Whole Body Research Garcinia Cambogia, which we have reviewed here.


The primary complaint we have heard from readers about Whole Body Research is regarding to the quality of customer service when questions about an order arise. And, unfortunately, this problem appears to be widespread. We did not have any significant problems with our order, but the overwhelming number of complaints from our readers cannot be ignored.

Bottom Line

While we believe Whole Body Research sells valid products, they are lacking in customer service and shipping times.

Your Whole Body Research Review

Have you had any experience with Whole Body Research? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

  • Kristyn

    I was lucky enough to find someone on ebay selling 3 bottles of the garcinia cambogia for $100. I tried the Miracle brand before which seems to work better. Although with both brands, it seems to work to lose a few pounds but thats it. I’ve lost less than 5 lbs in the 4 months I’ve been taking it. Sadly just another fad!

  • Ken K

    Do not order from this company. They will automatically charge your credit card the next month and send your more product. What a corrupt company.

  • Loretta

    I went online and ordered a 6 month supply of probiotics for my daughter in Houston, TX, then in a separate transaction, ordered a 3 month supply, to be shipped to me, in Charlotte, NC. It seems unbelievable that two separate orders, submitted at different times, given two separate order numbers, going to two very different addresses–one in NC, and the other in TX–are then consolidated, and 9 bottles were shipped as one order to NC. I had even given different credit card numbers for the billings!
    In my e-mail complaint, I requested a ‘return label’ so I could return 6 bottles meant for the other recipient–I shouldn’t have to pay, again, for Priority shipment to that party, being that it was the company’s error–and that Whole Body Research ship 6 bottles ASAP to the correct address. As yet, I have not heard from Whole Body Research.

  • marney

    I also received the duplicate e-mail as stated on 2/12/2014 from Mico, but her name is ALY…

  • Sandra Wulfe

    Was short changed on number of pills on 6 bottles for my 1st order. Each bottle was 10 pills short. I called your calling phone number & was toled they would correct this problem, that was over 31/2 weeks ago & no replacement. The lot #33737,MFG date 1/2014, the women I talked to her name was Asley, she toled me they would sent out 3 bottles to make up for my loss right away, so I”m asking where are they. Please reply right away. I will be in L.A. in the next week or so & go to your office there if I don’t get before.

  • Kevin

    Placed my order on 4/2/2014 and received an order confirmation that day. Next day received my tracking email. Today is 4/7/2014 and received my shipment as agreed. Now let’s just hope it works!

  • John

    Placed an order from them on Feb 5th. To this day March 16 have not received anything. Did inquire about the status on my order via email and calling their number. After numerous tries I got through and was told that the order will be shipped that day. Waited a week called again. Was on hold for 40 min before talking to their rep and was told again the same thing – the order is scheduled to be shipped at that day. When I asked to give me a tracking number was told that I will receive an email with it in about 2 days. Still haven’t received any communication.
    Will never order from them again and will report them to BBB.

  • Larry David

    I recently tried Whole Body Research’s Keybiotics. I have had severe IBS in the past along with other GI issues, and I THINK they are better. I dont have GI pains like I used to and everything seems to be moving normally which hasnt happened in years.

    They sent a timely email regarding the order, it was shipped and I received the product via USPS in a timely manner…

    HOWEVER…when you check out they clearly state that they do not have auto-shipping or auto-billing. And I DID NOT sign up to become a “member” yet I was auto-billed/auto-shipped another bottle without them getting authorization. The messed up thing is the day before they auto-billed me I reordered their product along with another product as I was satisfied with them. I have sent three emails to their “support” requesting a refund for the auto-billed items and have not received a response.

    As a result of their dishonestly and the theft of roughly 35 of my bucks I WILL NOT ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN!

  • william murphy

    One of the biggest ripoffs I have ever seen. I ordered probiotics used it for 30 days-it didn’t work. Called & Emailed company that I wanted my money back & not interested in their products. Got another email said they were shipping out another 30 supply (on a sunday). Called back after 20 minute wait I told them I wanted a refund on my original order and the new order. I was told I would be credited. My bank informed me they draftedmy credit card twice and no credits were posted. Don’t buy from these scamers! Bill M.

  • waffles

    We are currently holding all comments on this page due to a sudden influx of fake reviews. We actively exercise our responsibility to scrutinize any comments left on our site.

  • Henry Katz

    My shoulder problem was so bad, that in the morning I actually had to “carry” my arm across my body in order to get out of bed. Within a week of taking 2 capsules a day, my shoulder is remarkably better. I have practically NO PAIN at all. I am a believer.

  • ashley

    Hello Whole body research,

    The keybiotics improved my mind, body, spirit and perception on living. This unique formula transformed my quality of living to an extra-ordinary level! This supplement is great for women like me who need to stay balanced in their body health. This supplement made me think sharp/clear, feel healthier in my entire body (stomach & vaginal regions especially), and believe in the power of natural remedies! Thank you infinitely Craig Cappetta and whole body research team!

  • Jim

    January of 2014 ordered several months supply of krill oil. After many phone calls to company as to the status of order ( always got an answering machine) I had to get my credit card company involved. Never did get product, but did get the charges reversed. Scam for whole body research and kudos to my credit card company. I will never try to do business with this company again. And will always recommend that others do the same.

  • Terri

    I was very skeptical at first when ordering the Keybiotics on line, as in so many products out there that claim they are the ones that will work miracles, so needless to say I first did some research on trying to find the right one, so here is my story:

    I am 56yrs. old and not enjoying old age at all, whoever said old age was the Golden years did not have a clue what they were talking about : ( … seems the older I get the more problems I am having with my digestive system, sluggish, tired and being bloated all the time to the point I look 5 months pregnant, it’s horrible so I was desperate to find the right product that would really work, after doing research and reading the reviews on the keybiotics it seem to be the only one that had all the good bacteria that is needed for our bodies, it has like 37.5 billion CFUS and 14 strains of good bacteria, so after deciding I would give it a shot I have to say I am really pleased with the results, my stomach has actually gone down and my digestive system is getting better, I also noticed I am not getting sick this year like I normally do and believe me all the ladies in my dept. I work with either has gotten the flu or the upper respiratory infection, one of the ladies that sits right across from me was sneezing and coughing for over a week so needless to say I was amazed that I did not catch this stuff, now whether or not it is because of the probiotics I am not sure but I just know that is the only thing I am doing different.
    I will continue to order this product cause I am definitely well pleased with the results so far….Thank you Whole Body Research!

  • kipani

    The garcinia did nothing for me. After a bit of research I found out why. The product claims 60% HCA but the mg was way off. It’s suppose to be 1000mg to be effective. This was nothing close to that. So, I returned it.

    When WHOLE BODY RESEARCH received my return, I expected a refund. As specified on the website. 7 days passed, with no return. So, I called in to customer service. After 20 minutes on hold I spoke to MIKE who informed me that I would be refunded the product cost to paypal instantly. Wait? What about the original shipping cost? He proceeded to tell me that they don’t refund that.

    A huge problem for me since it was not specified on their website. After speaking to the manager JUAN, no regard was given for the mis-information provided by the website or CHRiSTIAN (the original guy that helped me with my return). He quoted that no company returns the original shipping, Then he proceeded to make a lame attempt to compare their company to Amazon? Amazon provides you with a prepaid label for returns and clearly states that refunds are less original shipping and handling. SO, before you quote a reputable company know their policy in and out please. And you are not even close to being AMAZON.

    Well, at least I got most of my money back. Yet, if you have are a new company, and you are trying to build a solid customer base I would think you’d have better customer service. (These guys were less than efficient) or at least make an exception when it is the fault of your companies lack in policy description. NEVER BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE! WASTE of TIME and MONEY!

  • Colin Davies

    I bought a 1 month supply for a trial and without asking me if I wanted more they billed my credit card, I have tried sending an email via there web site but when you press submit it says “undefined”.

    This is a con don’t but this product.

    I will be informing my credit card company and hopefully get a refund from them

  • Robin

    I am waiting for Whole Body Research to reimburse me for products I ordered but never received. I have repeatedly contacted the Support team and have asked for a refund. I have had to enlist PayPal’s assistance in seeking my refund, and my claim has escalated into a dispute because the company insists I must remove my complain to PayPal before they give me my money back. This strong-arm tactic deserves a kick in the pants, #WholeBodyResearch #poorservice #noservice #incompetent #beware

    • Robin

      I have received a refund, so I withdraw my negative review.

  • I placed an order for 6 bottles of Garcinia Cambogia from Whole body Research on Jan.30th 2014 received order fast on Feb.3rd 2014. No issues so far so good.

  • Joel

    I ordered Keybiotics on Jan 15th. Received the box on Jan 23rd. Was shipped on Jan 20th. I did not receive a tracking # as promised. The invoice they Emailed indicates I purchased an automatic monthly shipment. I had to cancel my credit card to prevent this from happening. CC company tried to open a 3 way call but Whole Body Research did not answer the phone. They also have not responded to two emails and one phone call. The other issue is the length of time the biotics were not in a cool dry place like they recommend. 3 days in transit with no refrigeration. Did I buy a bottle of dead organisms?

  • Noel Christoff

    I ordered several hundred dollars of products om Jan 16th. I did not receive accurate confirmations, I emailed and called-NO RESPONSE to either. I held them online to “place an order” for over 1/2 hour, with no response. I believe it is a front for SCAMMING BEWARE

  • Carolyn

    BEWARE of this company. Products do not work and they stop all communication when you try to take advantage of the so-called “Money Back Guarantee”. SCAM!!!!

  • Richard Paul

    Ordered and received one month’s supply of Keybiotics on 13 January 2014. Took advantage of offer for 6-month supply and have email confirmation. My credit card account was charged separately and immediately for both and I received email confirmation for both orders. Received shipping notification w/ tracking no. For one-month supply; and received it very quickly. But have not seen notice of shipment for the 6-month order and when I asked for status on 21 January was told again that I would receive notice when order was shipped, but advised that international shipping could take up to 30 days. (???)
    Don’t consider it a problem YET. But concerned by response.

    • kim

      I am having this same problem. I ordered 5 days ago. I have not been able to get them on the phone and through email. Account was charged. Received no product.


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