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Work From Home on Google Affiliate Scam List

Work From Home on Google Affiliate Scam List

After ranting about Pulse360, Adblade, and MSNBC, I looked around to see just how much replication is going on with the current breed of affiliate “make money at home on Google” websites. As anticipated, it’s rampant. I went to, which was the target of the MSNBC post, and Googled one of the comments to see how many websites contained that same text.

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For my experiment, the comment I Googled reads, “The timing of this couldn’t be better, my wife and I are struggling too and this could be our answer.”

Over 5400 websites contain that same comment. 5400 websites? And most of them are similar to Below, I’ve compiled a short list of these clone sites as a small sampling of that 5400. Most of them use the same or slightly altered template as well as some sort of geo-tracking code to gather your location and state that the fictional person writing the article is from your home town. Some have a disclaimer stating that the people in the article are real, while some do not. Most have an annoying popup that will ask you if you’re sure you want to leave their page. It appears that many of these options are left up to the discretion of the affiliate promoting the site.

The question is – do you want to trust a website that is merely an affiliate template that is duplicated thousands of times?

In the list below, I’ve listed the domain and the name of the fictional character used. – Tanya Davis – Kelly Richards – Melissa Johnson – Melissa Johnson – Kelly Richards from Gresham Oregon. Nicer header but otherwise the same. – Kelly Richards from Vancouver BC – Kelly Richards from Carlisle, PA – Laura Jones from Ft. Worth, Texas – Melissa Johnson – Melissa Johnson – Sarah Johnson. Template seems to be a hybrid of multiple designs we’ve seen. – Mary Steadman. The same woman was used in the old Google/Grant ads. – Kelly Richards – Kelly Richards – Michael Carter from Martinez CA. The affiliate forgot to change the photo, which is still of Kelly Richards! – Melissa Johnson – Kelly Richards – Kelly Richards – Malcolm Lovell – Kelly Richards from Bristol – Tanya Davis – Kelly Richards – Sarah Johnson – Different layout but same products and comments as others. – Kelly Richards – Kristin Michaels – Melissa Johnson – Brook Jennings

Many of these affiliate pages are “feeders” that point to a smaller group of “make money at home on Google” websites. These are typically long, rambling one-page sales pitches making wild claims, complete with fake checks and testimonials. One such site is featuring Ben Moskel and Dave Clabeaux, which is coming in a separate post here on Waffles.

Until that article is written, I’ll just say… I don’t trust pages with long rambling sales pitches, photos of checks, and unverifiable testimonials. You shouldn’t either.

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