Zoomies Review and Product Info

Zoomies Review and Product Info

Zoomies are wearable, hands-free binoculars which have been advertised on television as an inexpensive alternative to traditional binoculars. Today we offer our review of the product and seek reader input as well.

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About Zoomies

Zoomies appeared in early 2013, marketed as a way to replace traditional binoculars in a variety of situations such as sporting events, travel, or even watching television.

There are two websites currently marketing Zoomies: and appears to be the official website being advertised and was registered on January 3, 2013, while appears to be used only by affiliates and was registered on March 1, 2013.

How much do Zoomies cost?

One pair of Zoomies costs $10.00 + $9.95 processing & handling for a total cost of $19.95. (Note that the P&H was originally $7.95 when this review was first written). You can add a second pair for another $9.95 P&H for a total of $29.90 for both.

When ordering from the website, there is no way to opt out of this second “free” set, and there is no confirmation screen for you to review your order.

Zoomies can be found in stores, often in the As Seen on TV section.

Our Zoomies Review

We looked at several factors in our review of Zoomies.

Though the claim that Zoomies offer “300%” magnification sounds impressive, it really isn’t. 300% is just a fancier way of stating that these binoculars have 3x magnification, which is rather weak. Most inexpensive binoculars usually have magnification in the 7x to 15x range. 

Zoomies feel very cheaply made, of dollar store quality.

We could forgive low-level magnification and cheap plastic, but the most damning factor in our review was that Zoomies were simply out of focus, and we were unable to remedy this.

We were first introduced to Zoomies by a reader who felt he was overcharged when ordering the product. In fact, Ripoff Report has several complaints regarding the ordering process, and customers unhappy with charges different than what they expected.

Television Commercial

Below is the current television commercial airing for Zoomies binoculars:

Transcript of the television commercial above:

You want a closer look but the naked eye can only see so much. Squinting doesn’t help and binoculars are big, bulky, and expensive. Introducing Zoomies, the compact, hands-free, high-powered binoculars you wear like sunglasses. Zoomies gives you instant 300% magnification that brings everything up close. Look closer. Zoomies binoculars utilize the same vision magnification technology of expensive high-powered binoculars and condenses it into micro-vision lenses that adjust easily with a turn of the focus dial, and magnify up to 300%. With Zoomies you’ll enjoy mother nature up close. You’ll be so close to the action, you’ll feel the excitement, and you’ll have a front-row view of the big game, even from the cheap seats. Holding heavy binoculars is tiring on your arms and heavy on your neck, but Zoomies binoculars are so light, you’ll forget you even have them on. And when your head follows the action, so does Zoomies, hands-free. You can even switch on the sun shade to eliminate glare without switching to sunglasses. And they’re the clear choice of bird watchers, hunters and outdoorsmen, sports fans and anyone who leads an active lifestyle. You’ll be amazed at what you’ve been missing. They’re great for reading books and fine print in newspapers. You’ll love them for hobbies, arts & crafts, sewing and stitch-work, and they turn any TV into a big screen TV. And best of all, they fold and store easily in shirt pocket or purse. You can pay $200 for bulky binoculars or you can get Zoomies at the factory-direct price of only $10. Order now and get this handy neck lanyard and travel storage bag absolutely free. But wait, order now and we’ll double the offer and send a second complete set free. Just pay separate processing and handling. That’s two complete sets of Zoomies binoculars for just $10. See what you’ve been missing and zoom in on the action with Zoomies. Here’s how to order.


Here is the official website for Zoomies, captured in June 2013.

Bottom Line

This product is a buffet of bad features: Cheaply-construction, uncomfortable, blurry, and weak magnification. Combine that with shipping costs and confusing billing, and this product a dud. You can find a wide variety of binoculars locally, which you can test and find which ones suit you best.

Your Zoomies Reviews

Have you had any experience with Zoomies? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

Updated February 12, 2014

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  • Joy

    Totally useless item. No magnification. waste of money.

  • RCS Optics

    This article is a great review of a very poor product. Great summary. Be sure to find a quality supplier that can help you find a pair of binoculars that will provide the optical quality you need, with the features that you desire while still being affordable.

  • James Aitken

    After seeing the Australian TV ad I was “foolish” enough to believe the spiel and ordered the product from GLOBAL SHOP DIRECT. Eleven days later with no sign of the product being delivered, I went to the website and checked the delivery situation. “The order has gone to our warehouse” was the response. So they have had my money along with how many other sucker’s payments earning nice interest for the last eleven days. In effect we are funding this business with cash flow. Fortunately I paid with PayPal and I have asked Global to cancel my order forthwith. Failing this I will take the matter up with PayPal for resolution. Reading the revues here I don’t think the product is worth a cracker anyway.

  • Liz Ogden

    I made a mistake in my order but there is no way to stop shipment. I have now read these comments and no longer want this product. What can I do?

  • Dave

    Total ripoff. I was overcharged then told that I would be refunded the price of items and not the return shipping. Not even worth paying to return these. Please join me in filing a complaint to the better business bureau. This company has to be stopped!

  • EddieAnthony

    What a TOTAL PIECE OF “JUNK”!!! I bought these through Publishers Clearing House. When I received them in the Mail today,I read the Instructions and then tried them out. I centered in on the Top of a Telephone Pole to watch a Squirell. The Pole is 20 feet away. With these things on, the Pole was 30 feet away, even when I TRIED to Zoom In!! Folks, do what Everyone here is Saying. Review before Falling Victim to SHYSTERS Such as these!! I am Filing a report with the NH Better Business Bureau, and with the NH Attorney Generals Office, Pronto!!

  • B M

    I am just here to thank each and every one of you for purchasing the Zoomies. I do not work for them, but saw the commercial (which I love) and came to check how many idiots actually bought these things. Congratulations on making it so far in life.

  • Meg

    My first impression of this product is that it probably looks absolutely ridiculous on. They are extremely heavy and uncomfortable to wear. When they are on you can see things about 20 feet away from you look like they are about 10 feet away from you. I did not expect much more from them because on the package it said it has up to 400 magnification. (Which is really not that good). On a positive note them were convenient to use and did not have to hold them up to your head. Although, when looking through them they make you seem like you have tunnel vision. I would say if you need a easy, simple binoculars I would recommend this product, but for very little to no money.

  • Dennis Williams

    While the name is new, Zoomies were sold over 40 years ago. They didn’t work then (I bought a pair) and it looks as if nothing has changed.

    • waffles

      Do you recall the original name?

  • Jessica D

    My mom tried to buy these with the special offer of getting one free with no extra shipping and handling. After doing the order and all was said and done, the final total come out to nearly $70. What the…really? $70? This is a complete ripoff. Don’t buy it. You can always wait for them to be sold at Wal-Mart or Walgreens. For which they will be sold with no extra extravagant costs.

    • waffles

      They are available in As Seen on TV stores.

  • Michael Criswell

    Zoomies are a ripoff and the law need to get this company for overcharge.people
    I was overcharge $47.00 this is a scam.


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