Who Called Me?

8667644970 Phone Number Nagging You?

8667644970 Phone Number Nagging You?

Does the number 866-764-4970 keep calling you? This is a apparently NOT legitimate business call and now they are hounding you. Keep reading to see who it is:

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Phony “Dealership” associated telemarketer.

They’ll claim to be calling “on behalf” of your dealer, to update your information and also “telling you what’s going on” at various dealerships.. but that’s a dance around the fact that they’re calling to sell you something. When I called them back, the woman kept asking for my number, but was evasive when I asked for the company name. She finally said it quickly, and it sounded like “Elite CRN” but it was hard to decipher on the call. Here’s a transcript of my call to them:

Her: Thanks for calling. My name is Fredrica. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?
Me:  I was calling to see who this company is because they called my number a couple of times.
Her:  OK sir well you actually reached the customer relations department. May I have your phone number please so I can pull up your records and let you know why we called?
Me: No – I was just wondering who you are.
Her: Well you reached the customer relations department of a company called Elite CRN and what we actually do is that we assist a lot of different dealerships in updatin’ their customer records on their vehicles while letting them know about things that are going on at the dealerships. May I have your number sir so I can pull…
Me: Are you associated with dealerships?
Her: Yes.
Me: You’re actually owned by the dealerships?
Her: No I’m calling on behalf of the dealership. I’m in the customer relations department  myself.
Me:  Did they give you my number or did you buy it from them?
Her:  Well actually sir that would be something else to kind of explain to you because I’m just a CSR. I wouldn’t be able to tell you how we get the records but I do know that we are calling on behalf of the dealership just to basically update the records on your vehicle, on the car miles and condition to see any problems you may have had – anything like that. As well as also let you know about some things going on at the dealership at the present time. That’s all.
Me:  Thanks for the information.

If you’ve been on the Do Not Call registry for over 31 days, they shouldn’t be calling you and you can file a complaint here. You’re safe to block/ignore these guys.

This information is accurate as of 9/1/2011.

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