Can You Find the Mistake in the Photo?

Can You Find the Mistake in the Photo?

Here at Waffles, we spend a great deal of time taking on scammers and spammers, which is why we love these “Find the…” photos as a great diversion. So today we have a great “Find the…” photo. We are asked to look at this photo and see if we can spot the mistake.

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Find the Mistake Photo

I’ve shown this photo to several people. A couple immediately saw the mistake, while several others (admittedly, myself being one of them) stared for quite some before giving up. Once the answer was revealed, I admit I felt pretty silly for not noticing. So I ask you – how long did it take you to spot the mistake?

First, take a look at the photo itself…

Bottom Line

This photo contains an obvious mistake. Did you find it? If not, keep reading and I’ll let you off the hook. Spoiler: So tell me, is this animal a giraffe or a zebra?

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