• Man Dragging Dog Behind Motorcycle in China: Real or Hoax?

    A disturbing photo is circulating online which shows a man dragging a helpless dog behind a motorcycle, while he coldly stares directly at the camera. Is this photo real or a hoax?

  • The One Direction Free Ticket Giveaway Scam

    Have you been contacted on Twitter or Facebook, and told that you’ve won free tickets to One Direction in concert? Perhaps VIP backstage passes? Before you circle your calendar, you may want to look at the fine print. Let’s take a look at what’s going on here.

  • The “Do Not Accept A Friend Request” Facebook Hoax

    Some hoaxes never die. It seems as if every month or two, there’s a “warning” about accepting a friend request from a specific person. Sometimes these warnings appear as a graphic, while other times they are just ALL CAPS with lots of exclamation points. Often the rumor is listed as being “confirmed”...

  • Facebook is NOT Shutting Down on July 15

    Rumors have been swirling this evening that Facebook is shutting down. Even though most people realize it’s just a hoax, there are those who are not so convinced. Where did this rumor begin and is it true?

  • Rumor: Does Justin Bieber Smoke Pot?

    Justin Bieber is the target of seemingly endless rumors. One that persists is that he has been caught smoking pot. Alleged photos of him smoking pot have also circulated for about two years, none of which have been verified. Let’s take a look at the rumors a little more closely.

  • Eddie Murphy Did Not Die in a Snowboarding Accident

    Twitter is the place where celebrities are killed off on a daily basis, at least in rumor form. Today’s rumor is that Eddie Murphy was killed in a snowboarding accident. The rumor is false.

  • Look at the Circle for 10 Seconds. Fooled Ya!

    While on Facebook today, I saw a graphic of a white circle with black lines through it, sitting on a black background with gray lines through it. The caption in the graphic reads: “Look at the circle for 10 seconds. Now click on “Share” and see what happens.”

  • Rumor: “Public Statement” to Protect Facebook Privacy

    A rumor claims that you must publicly post a statement disallowing public use of your photos and information on Facebook. Today we’ll look a little closer at this claim.