• Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Dog Poops

    A US Airways flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia was forced to make an emergency landing when a service dog pooped in the aisle multiple times.

  • Social Media Reacts to McDonald’s “Terrifying” New Kids Mascot

    Earlier this week, McDonald’s introduced its newest mascot named “Happy” for the chain’s popular Happy Meals. Social media quickly dubbed the mascot “terrifying” and “scary.”

  • Todd Davis: Laughing Stock of Lifelock

    When you hear the name Todd Davis, it might not ring any bells right away. But you may remember the CEO of Lifelock from his 2007 advertising campaign, where he included his social security number on billboards and held up his social security card in television commercials to show the public how...

  • Classic Odd News: David’s Toe Smashed by Hammer-Wielding Man

    Imagine you are peacefully admiring artwork within the serene setting of one of the world’s finest museums. Suddenly, a man pulls a hammer from his jacket and begins pummeling priceless works of art. According to a 1991 article in the New York Times, this exact scenario occurred in Florence, Italy at the...

  • No, Walking Cabbage is not a Trend to Combat Loneliness

    A report in May 2013 claimed that Chinese teenagers were leashing cabbages and taking them for walks with hopes of relieving depression and feelings of isolation.

  • Humorous Russian Subaru Ad Features Dog Struck by Car

    A viral Russian television commercial this week has the unusual theme of a dog being hit by a car.

  • Woman eats live pet store animals for a week

    Day one, cricket pancakes. Day two, mealworm fries. Day three, mice pie. Grossed out yet? These three recipes were concocted, brought to fruition, and eventually eaten by Candra Kolodziej. According to her article on Vice, she decided to give up eating processed and shipped meat products to take on the new and...

  • This Centipede Ate Its Way Out Of A Snake

    In what appeared to be a battle for the ages – snake vs centipede – there was no clear-cut winner in this fight. After a small snake consumed a live centipede, the arthropod partially ate its way out of the snake’s abdomen. Neither creature survived.