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Hiding Picture Previews in SkyDrive Folders

Hiding Picture Previews in SkyDrive Folders

I have recently re-discovered SkyDrive, Microsoft’s answer to Google Drive, and a very nice alternative at that. One feature I’ve found quite useful is the auto-syncing of my photos on my new Windows 8 phone. On your SkyDrive screen, your picture folders scroll through thumbnail previews of all of your photos. That’s great – until a photo scrolls across that you’d rather keep for your eyes only. So how do you hide certain photos from this preview?

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You may wonder why someone would want to hide certain photos from this folder preview. Obviously when you’re sitting at your computer, you’d rather not have your grandmother or children seeing those intimate bathroom or girlfriend pictures popping up on your SkyDrive previews.

Most people would rather keep these SkyDrive folder previews G-Rated, even at home.

I have yet to find a feature to hide an individual photo, but until such a feature exists, I’ve found a workaround that is good enough for now. What I do is create a new folder in my pictures directory, and put all of “those” photos into it. I then move that folder into another folder, such as the “Camera Roll” folder created by my Windows phone. It appears that photos in sub-directories are not shown in the folder previews.

So that’s it. If you’ve found another way to hide photos from being previewed in SkyDrive, drop us a comment below.

This info is relevant as of Nov. 14, 2012. It’s likely that SkyDrive’s features will continue to change.

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