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How to Block a Number or Text on AT&T

How to Block a Number or Text on AT&T

Instructions for blocking a single number from calling or texting on an AT&T cell phone.

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AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless

You’d think with the state of technology that blocking a single number from calling and/or texting would be an easy process.

Not so if you’re an AT&T customer. Sure, it’s probably easy for them, but they want you to pay up anyway.

Unfortunately, the only way you can do what you really want to do through AT&T is to pay $4.99 for this plan. The plan will allow you to block up to 30 numbers, and will do what you want, but it is absolutely outrageous that AT&T charges for such a service. How can AT&T defend charging a fee to keep their customers from being harassed? If you are being harassed, the only answer is for the victim to pay AT&T more money?

While you may be tempted to consider this service, there are a few other free options:

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Blocking Emails

If you’re receiving SMS messages from an email address, you can block these for free. You can block email addresses or even entire domains for free by signing up at the My Messages sub-site at (This is separate from your regular AT&T sign in).

Blocking All Texts

You can call customer service to have all texts blocked, or you can log into your AT&T account and manage your services on there. Obviously this isn’t a realistic option for most people.

Call Rejection on your Phone

Most phones have a Call Rejection feature, which will block a call on the phone end. It won’t stop text messaging, nor will it stop them from leaving a voicemail. In some cases, this option may be sufficient.

Here’s the AT&T options for blocking.

Smart Phone Apps

If you have an iPhone or Android, you may be able to find an app that has a call blocking app. Searching for blockers yields literally dozens of such apps. You may want to try some of these. I used one on the Android Marketplace called “Mobile Manager” that was decent and rejects calls or texts.

Bottom line

Blocking numbers from calling and texting on an AT&T cell phone requires purchase of the service. However, there are other options such as blocking SMS messages from emails, blocking all texts, call rejection, and/or smart phone blocking apps.

Further Reading
Look at this angry forum on AT&T’s site about this, dating back several years.

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