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Debunked: Moreo Cookies

Debunked: Moreo Cookies

A graphic circulating online shows what looks like a new type of Oreo cookies called “Moreo” dipping cookies. Are Moreo Cookies real?

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They are not real. It is merely a fan-created concept.

A series of images was posted online by Reddit user EternallyXIII in July 2013 shows the concept in which a three-tray container holds cookies and a cream filling separately. This would allow the consumer to scoop any amount of cream filling (or in some images, peanut butter) desired onto the cookie.


The concept has been lauded by Oreo fans, but as of yet the Moreo has not come to fruition, despite EternallyXIII’s attempts to convince Nabisco to give it a try. “I’ve been trying to get ahold of someone at Nasbisco for years. I present to you, Moero. Make this happen!”

It has been suggested that the “cream”filling in the photo above was actually mashed potatoes.


The Google Trends chart below shows search interest in Moreo Cookies. As you can see, it peaked from July 2013 through January 2014, although here at Wafflesatnoon.com, we still get regular visits to this article as of mid-2015.

Bottom Line

“Moreo” cookies are not real. It is a fan-created concept, and Nabisco has yet to comment on the idea.

What do you think of the Moreo Cookie design?

Updated March 1, 2016
Originally published January 2014

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