• Hoaxes & Rumors
    Abused Puppy Photo: $1 Per Share By Humane Society? Not Exactly.

    A story circulating on Facebook shows a badly injured dog and includes the caption: This puppy was abused. For every ‘share’, the humane society will donate $1 towards his surgery.

  • Who Called Me?
    5026324428 Phone Number Bugging You?

    Is the phone number 502-632-4428 phone number bothering you and now you want to know who it is? As you probably guessed, it’s nothing more than a pest  who you can safely ignore. Read on for more details:

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Facebook is NOT Donating $1 for Every Share

    This is one that just won’t go away. Just last week I saw some graphic photos of a baby (below) with a horrible skin condition being passed around on Facebook. The caption stated that this baby had cancer and Facebook was donating 3 cents for every share. “Please save this baby” the...

  • Humor
    Find the Human in the Field Photo Revealed

    Photos such as Find the Cat or Find the Human are increasing in popularity online, especially on...

  • Who Called Me?
    9712201005 Phone Number Bothering You?

    Is the phone number 971-220-1005 calling you and now you want to know who it is? Read on to find out that it is nothing more than a pest that you can comfortably ignore. Read more for details:

  • Scams & Deception
    The Free Cruise Telemarketing Scam

    So you received a call saying you’ve won a free cruise, or that you’ll earn a free cruise by answering some survey questions? Sounds too good to be true, right? We’ve already written extensively about specific phone numbers that have been calling with such offers over the past six months, but we...

  • Who Called Me?
    2025998470 Phone Number Bothering You?

    Is the phone number 202-599-8470 phone number calling you and now you want to know who it is? Lucky for you, this is nothing more than an annoyance you can simply ignore Read on for more details:

  • Humor
    4 Hidden Benefits of E.D.

    Hey every guy gets it sometime. A little performance anxiety never hurt anyone. Much. OK, it actually sucks. But let’s look at the silver lining for a moment, or at least create a silver lining. There are benefits to E.D. Instead of crying over milk you can’t quite spill, let’s laugh for...

  • Humor
    7 Reasons Why Being Bald Rocks

    So you’re considering the move to the dark side of hair style – and just want to...

  • Social Media
    7 Types of Users Not to Follow on Twitter

    Twitter is all about following and gaining followers. Though I’m rather generous in my follow-back protocol, I don’t subscribe to the #autofollow mentality. After toying with that concept for a while, I realized that following everyone back leads to a cluttered, spammy timeline that degrades the quality of Twitter. Just because a...

  • Humor
    8 Newt Gingrich Lookalikes

    As Newt Gingrich takes the lead in the Republican presidential race, his face has been plastered all over the nightly news. All this Gingrich face time begs the question of who looks like Newt Gingrich? We’ve pored over every gray-haired bespectacled celebrity and politician we could think of to come up with the following...

  • How To...
    How to Block a Number or Text on AT&T

    Instructions for blocking a single number from calling or texting on an AT&T cell phone.