Man Finds Six-Foot Snake in Toilet

Man Finds Six-Foot Snake in Toilet

A Blue Cross volunteer found a six-foot long snake inside a bathroom in an animal charity store in Solihull, England.

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Toilet Snake

Peter Edge said his first thought was that someone had played a prank by placing a fake snake in the restroom until he realized it was moving.

“When I saw it I was in shock more than anything else. It’s not every day you see something like that. I thought it was a rubber snake at first and then it moved its head,” he said. “I called my assistant manager and shouted ‘snake, snake’.”

After a failed attempt to trap the snake, the creature disappeared. The assistant manager said she is taking extra steps to prevent the snake from coming back.

“We have kept the toilet door firmly shut ever since and keep checking to see if he has poked his head up again but we haven’t seen it,” she said. “I like snakes but I was still terrified when stood face-to-face with one.”

At least they didn’t find a behemoth like this one found under the hood of a couple’s car several years ago.

Via Yahoo News

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