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  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Real or Hoax: New Facebook Virus Warning

    A message warns of 4 new virus attacks on Facebook. Today we’ll take a closer look at this warning and if it has any validity.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Are Hackers Posting “Visit the New Facebook” Links?

    Have you seen a warning about a hacker posting links that say “Visit the New Facebook”? Today we’ll take a closer look at this warning.

  • Spam Files
    Spam Alert: Fake Facebook Support Emails

    Have you been receiving messages claiming to be from Facebook, stating that you have new messages from Facebook Support? There have been many such messages going around lately. Today we’ll dissect one of these messages to take a closer look.

  • Social Media
    Hashtags Coming to Facebook?

    The Wall Street Journal has reported that Facebook plans to bring Twitter-style hashtags to the social network. Facebook has neither confirmed nor denied it, but it looks as though we just may be seeing this feature in the near future.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Alert: Fake “Unsealed” Product Giveaways on Facebook

    A ploy on Facebook is the creation of fake Facebook pages offering phony giveaways of “unsealed” products. Today we’ll take a closer look at this trend and some of the more prominent examples.

  • Scams & Deception
    Scam Alert: Facebook Southwest Airlines Hoax

    A scam circulating on Facebook today claims to offer two free tickets on Southwest Airlines. Today we’ll take a look at this issue.

  • Current Events
    The Fraley vs Facebook Lawsuit and Email

    Did you receive an email about a class action lawsuit against Facebook? There is in fact a real class action lawsuit contacting Facebook users, and we’ll go over some of the highlights here.

  • Scams & Deception
    Rumor: Are Hackers Stealing Facebook Identities?

    Today we look at a warning circulating online that tells of hackers stealing users photos and identities.