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  • Scams & Deception
    Beware of Fake Camaro Giveaways on Facebook

    A trend on Facebook is the creation of pages which claim to be giving away large prizes, such as a Chevrolet Camaro. Unfortunately, however, these pages and giveaways are usually fake. Today we’ll take a closer look at bogus Camaro giveaway pages on Facebook.

  • Scams & Deception
    Fake BMW Giveaways on Facebook

    Facebook pages with hundreds of thousands of shares claim to be giving away a BMW to five winners. These pages and their giveaways are completely bogus. Today we’ll take a closer look at this trend.

  • Scams & Deception
    Fake Airline Giveaways on Instagram

    This week has seen a rise in fake airline giveaways on Instagram, prompting some carriers to respond.

  • Scams & Deception
    Fake Six Flags Giveaways on Facebook

    Did you recently like and share a photo on Facebook with hopes that you would win a free set of tickets to Six Flags? Such giveaways are rampant on Facebook. And they’re fake.

  • Scams & Deception
    Scam Alert: Free iPad Facebook Message

    Did you receive a Facebook message from a friend telling you that they received a free iPad? You may want to think twice before clicking the link included in your friend’s message.

  • Scams & Deception
    Fake Kindle Giveaways on Facebook

    Have you seen a Facebook page giving away Kindle Fires because they have unopened boxes that can’t be sold? It’s a scam. Liking, sharing, and commenting on it will only create more spam and scams on Facebook.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Fake Disney Giveaways on Facebook

    Today we’re taking a look at fake Disney giveaways on Facebook.

  • Scams & Deception
    Fake iPhone Tester Giveaways on Facebook

    Apple products are loved by their users, and perhaps loved almost as much by scammers trying to cash in on their popularity. Today we’ll take a look at yet another scam in the name of Apple on Facebook: iPhone tester giveaways.