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  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Photo of Family Posing with Dead Elephant: Real or Fake?

    A photo of a family posing behind a dead elephant has circulated online over the past couples of years, causing outrage, anger, and contempt with every share. Is this photo real or fake?

  • Current Events
    Melissa Bachman Lion Photo Stirs Controversy

    Big game hunter Melissa Bachman is under fire once again for posting a photo of herself posing with a lion she killed in Africa.

  • Current Events
    “Save the Rhino” Benefit Auctions off a Chance to Kill a Rhino

    The Dallas Safari Club is auctioning off a chance to hunt a critically endangered black rhino in a fundraiser to benefit the Save the Rhino Trust.

  • Current Events
    Melissa Bachman Hunting Show: Barbarism or Sport?

    Photos of hunter Melissa Bachman posing with her kills have begun circulating online, along with petitions to get her videos taken offline and off of TV channels such as Nat Geo. Comments on these videos and photos have sparked passionate debate about hunting for sport.