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Fake Video: A Bird Did Not Poop on Putin

Fake Video: A Bird Did Not Poop on Putin

Video circulating shows a bird pooping on Vladimir Putin while he gave a speech last week. Is the video real?

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The video is fake.

The fake footage shows Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking at the opening of a World War I monument in Moscow. During Putin’s remarks, a white bird dropping is seen on landing on the shoulder of the president. Putin continues to speak, unaware of the dropping on his shoulder. The caption for the video reads, “Russia – Bird pooped on Putin at opening of WWI monument.”

Note: The video was eventually removed from YouTube.

The video received heavy social media sharing and was even posted by the Washington Post. That site later included a correction explaining that “the video appears to have been a hoax.”


Another YouTube user posted the original video alongside the fake video above to show that no such defecation on the Russian leader had occurred.

Photo Proof

Wire photos taken during the ceremony also confirm no droppings appeared on the Russian leader’s suit.

Bottom Line

The video showing a bird defecating on Russian President Vladimir Putin is fake. The incident in question appears to have been added to the video after the fact.

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