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Miscaption: Dog Bloodied For Chewing Slippers

Miscaption: Dog Bloodied For Chewing Slippers

A photo of a bloody dog has been circulating on Facebook with a caption that the animal was beaten with a hammer after chewing “mommy’s slippers.”

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The photo is real, although the caption circulating with the image in February 2016 is a fabrication. Let’s take a look at the Facebook post receiving heavy sharing:

This is what happens when you chew up mommys slippers twice in a week. A little old fashioned b–ch training. Granny can still swing thee ol claw hammer.

bloody dog

The photo above is real, although the caption is completely false. The dog in the photo was named Charlie and he was shot by a neighbor in Choctaw, Oklahoma in October 2015. The neighbor claimed Charlie and another dog were attacking his horses, although that is disputed by the dogs’ owner.

“I just heard someone yell, ‘Get the F outta here’ and heard four rapid gunshots,” owner Hayley Booth Lamirand told KFOR news (embedded above). She first found her dog Apollo, then noticed Charlie, who was “very bloody.” The dog had been shot once while on the neighbor’s property. She admitted that her dogs did occasionally enter the neighbor’s property to swim in a bass pond, but never had a problem in the past.

Although the vet tending to Charlie said the dog would probably be OK, the damage was ultimately too severe and he had to be euthanized. “…instead of coming home like he was supposed to, he’s coming home in a box,” the owner said.

Bottom Line

The photo of a bloody dog circulating on Facebook is from an incident which occurred in October 2015. The caption stating that the dog was disciplined with a hammer after chewing slippers is false. It is unclear why the fake caption was attached to the photo.

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