Cat Mountain in Ukraine: Real or Fake?

An image allegedly shows “cat mountain,” a mountain which resembles the shape of a sleeping cat. Today we’ll look at the image and the associated story.

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The image is fake.

A common caption for the photo claims it is “Cat Mountain in Ukraine.” There is, however, no such mountain as depicted in the image below.


The Image

The true source of the photo is not an amazing mountain in Ukraine, but the imagination of a graphic artist.

An artist known as Cyn on the website placed first in the “Canvas Earth 2” contest which was posted eleven years ago. You can see the “” logo in the original image above (which is often cropped out in copies).

The photo, which was named “Sleepy Canyon” in the contest, has circulated over the years with some readers questioning whether or not this is in fact a real mountain. As recently as January 19, 2014, the image appeared on the Google Plus “What’s Hot” popular posts.

The Real “Cat Mountain”

Mount Koshka, located in the Ukraine, is sometimes referred to as “cat” mountain, as some people say it bares a slight resemblance to a sleeping cat. Mount Koshka is not featured in the Worth1000 image above, but can be seen in the real photograph below.

The real "cat" mountain.

The real “cat” mountain.

Bottom Line

There is a “Cat Mountain” in Ukraine, but it is not the mountain depicted in the fake “Cat Mountain” photo. The Photoshopped “Cat Mountain” picture often circulating online was created for a graphic arts contest on the website over a decade ago.

Updated January 9, 2015
Originally published January 2014

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  1. G. Thomas Boston // February 21, 2014 at 2:50 pm // Reply

    Nor is it George Washington.

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