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False Claim: CNN Deletes Pro-Sanders Poll

False Claim: CNN Deletes Pro-Sanders Poll

A story circulating online claims that CNN has deleted a poll which showed Sanders the overwhelming winner at the recent Democratic debate.

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The story was posted on October 15, 2015 on the website Nation of Change in response to the Democratic Presidential debate which was held on October 13. The story asserts that CNN was “under fire” for deleting a poll which showed Bernie Sanders winning with a 75% vote in the online poll. “…the poll disappeared, only to be replaced by a pro-Hillary headline story,” the article claimed.

That poll was not posted on the CNN website, but on their Facebook page, and it is still there as of October 18, 2015. It shows Sanders with an 81% showing in the poll.

While the poll wasn’t deleted, a pro-Hillary headline did appear on CNN after the debate. CNN’s Jeremy Diamond proclaimed Hillary Clinton as the winner, which agreed with only a small minority of those who participated in the Facebook poll.

Bottom Line

CNN did not delete a poll which showed Bernie Sanders as the winner of a recent Democratic Presidential debate. The poll can still be found on Facebook days later. A CNN opinion piece, did, however disagree with the poll and tap Clinton as the debate’s winner.

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