What Happens When You Comment “5″ on This Photo?

A photo being shared online shows a blurry image of what appears to be two women. Users are encouraged to "like" the photo and then type “5” in the comments to see what changes. So.. what happens?

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Nothing will happen because this is a hoax designed to get likes.

This particular image contains the caption:

First press “Like”
Write “5″ and see (what) happens

like-5As we’ve written regarding similar photos, this is a very common ploy that page admins use to quickly gain likes for their photos and increase traffic to their pages. In some cases it is just a prank. Either way, commenting ‘5’ on a Facebook image will not make anything happen. These page admins know that even after people realize they have been fooled, they don’t typically go back and un-like the image.

Bottom Line
These images are posted for one reason – to gain likes. They do this by tricking people into thinking that posting a comment will somehow make something occur. The next time you see a post like this, let us know and we’ll drop a comment to set people straight.

Take a look at the list  below containing several similar “what happens next” photos we’ve discussed recently:

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  1. 5
    Nothing’s happening!
    Nope, still nothing.
    I think this article is broken.

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