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“Deez Nuts” Rising in Presidential Polls

“Deez Nuts” Rising in Presidential Polls

A high school sophomore running for President under the name “Deez Nuts” is making a surprisingly strong showing in several states.

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Deez Nuts For President

While every election cycle is populated with unusual candidates who the public doesn’t take very seriously (Dan Bilzerian and Roseanne Barr are recent examples), but a particularly odd candidate under the name “Deez Nuts” has been showing surprisingly strong numbers in the 2016 race.

Rolling Stone managed to track down Deez Nuts, an Independent candidate from Iowa whose real name is Brady Olson. As it turns out Mr. Nuts is a 15 year old high school sophomore from Iowa. In an email interview with Rolling Stone, Olson said that despite his humorous name, there are serious overtones to the statement he is trying to make.

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He pointed out that he was able to file a form with the Federal Elections Commission without even being asked his age. He also stated that his decision to run for President came “Because I really didn’t want to see Clinton, Bush, or Trump in the White House…”

Leon Harris from ABC News in Washington had the difficult task of conducting a serious report about the candidacy of Deez Nuts.

“It is a third party candidate on that poll, a candidate named Deez Nuts,” Harris reported. “Really. A candidate registered as an Independent from Iowa under the legal name of Deez Nuts. Public Policy Polling showing him pulling 9% of the vote in North Carolina. He’s also approached double digits on polls in Minnesota and Iowa.”

Even if Deez Nuts were able to amass enough followers to make a successful bid for the White House, he is still 20 years shy of the minimum age of 35 required for eligibility to be President.

In its August 19, 2015 report, Public Policy Polling reported that Deez Nuts was pulling in 9% in North Carolina, 8% in Minnesota, and 7% in Iowa.

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