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eBay Buyer Falls For “Too Good To Be True” Scam

eBay Buyer Falls For “Too Good To Be True” Scam

Paul Barrington really thought he was the luckiest man alive, only to discover he was not.

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Scammed on eBay

Barrington, 38, went to eBay with the goal of securing for himself a new laptop. The idea behind the laptop was to begin a new wedding DJ career. He cleaned up his surfboard and was happy to find that an eBay seller was selling a MacBook for $450.

One would think it was “too good to be true” – as $450 for a MacBook is certainly a bargain. However, Barrington was determined to get his new career off the ground, and he waited for his package to arrive. What he got was scammed!

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Yes, he did get a package in the mail, but it wasn’t the actual MacBook he’d been hoping for. He knew by the box that arrived that there was no actual MacBook or any other electronic device in it. He did get a MacBook – in the form of a picture.

Although not receiving a MacBook was bad enough, the scammer didn’t even print out the “MacBook” on color paper, which means Barrington may have the most expensive black and white printout ever known.

Barrington didn’t let this get him down, however. Instead, he laughed because he wondered why the scammer even bothered to send the picture in a box.

Still, thanks to eBay’s Money Back Guarantee, he’ll get a refund for the money he was scammed out of.

Perhaps this leaves him a little wiser for the next time he thinks he has found a “bargain” online. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

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