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10 Popular “Find the Cat” Photos (and Solutions)

10 Popular “Find the Cat” Photos (and Solutions)

Below is a collection of our 10 most popular “Find the Cat” photos posted in years past. Can you find the cat in each of these photos?

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Find the Cat in the Field

This photo appears to be a rocky field with no cat readily in sight. Part of the reason that it’s so difficult is because the resolution of the picture is rather low. Take a look at the photo and then scroll down for the solution.

Now if we take a look at the photo with the cat circled and embed a blown-up version, the cat immediately pops out at us – dead center in the photo:

Find the Cat in the Field II

In this “Find the Cat” photo, we are shown a field of dead grass with a rocky path behind it. The cat in this one isn’t easy to spot because it is almost the same color as the background. So let’s take a look first at the unaltered photo:

Look just off center to the right to see a cat standing there in plain view. This is a challenging “Find the Cat” photo indeed.

Find the Cat in the Garbage

This is our most popular “Find the Cat” photo of all time. Here is the unaltered image:

Some intense scanning finally allows the cat to reveal itself, which is highlighted below.

Find the Cat in the Rocks

This one has proven to be challenging for some people. In the photo, we are shown a rocky landscape and asked to find the cat in the photo. The cat may not seem apparent at first, but it is indeed there. Take a look below and see how long it takes you to find it.

Here’s the solution:

Find the Cat in the Tree

Here we see a large above-ground tree root and we’re asked to spot the cat in the image. After looking for a few moments, you may start to wonder if this is a trick photo, but be assured the cat is there, blending perfectly into the background.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, below is the solution for this “Find the Cat in the Tree” photo:

Find the Cat in the Wood

Here we are shown a picture of a pile of wood and branches, and are asked to find the cat cleverly hidden in the photo. 

How quickly did you spot the cat in this photo? Or could you find it at all? Either way, below we offer you the solution to this “Find the cat” photo:

Find the Cat on the Beach

This “Find the Cat” photo shows a crowded beach with lots of bodies and a cat supposedly hidden in the mix. This one has proven especially problematic to many readers because of the size of the cat in the image and its busy “Where’s Waldo” type setting.

First up, let’s see the raw photo:

Now if you haven’t figured it out yet, here’s the solution to this “Find the Cat on the Beach” photo:

Find the Cat on the Rock

This one seems difficult at first, and there are actually two cats in this photo. The image features a large a rock and we’re asked to find two cats in the image.  

Take a look at the unaltered photo and see if you can locate both cats.

Did you find them? If you haven’t figured it out yet, here’s the solution to this “Find the Cat on the Rock” photo:

Find the Cat in the Bushes

This is a late addition to our collection, and it is one of the more difficult of the bunch. We have only included it because we have had so many readers ask us about this one. It isn’t really a fair photo as the cat is barely visible, but for those of you who want to know, here it is.

find the cat in the bushes solved

find the cat in the bushes solved

Find the Cheetah/Leopard

This version circulated heavily in early 2016 with thousands of shares on Facebook. We are asked to find the cheetah in the photo (some versions say it’s a leopard).

find the cheetah

find the cheetah solved


“Find the Cat” photos were all the rage back in 2011 and 2012, and still occasionally surge in popularity. As you can see in the chart below, “Find the Cat” is a relatively stable search term on Google, other than a huge surge in October 2011.

Which of the photos above did you think were the most difficult to solve?

Updated February 17, 2016
Originally published July 2014

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