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General Arse Biscuites: Real or Fake?

General Arse Biscuites: Real or Fake?

A photo in circulation allegedly shows a man named “General Arse Biscuites.” Is this name real or fake?

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It’s fake.

The man in the photo is Édouard Guillaud, a French Navy officer and admiral. Take a look at the real and fake photos below.



The photo being circulated was lifted from this website and a new name, Général Arse Biscuités, was superimposed over Guillaud’s real name. The real image is a screen shot from a television interview January 2012 as he discussed the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan.

Bottom Line

The photo circulating online which allegedly shows a man named General Arse Biscuites is not real. It merely superimposed the fake name onto a screenshot of a French naval officer.

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