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Is President Obama Reading A Muslim Book Called The Post-American World?

Is President Obama Reading A Muslim Book Called The Post-American World?

A photo of President Obama is being circulated with claims that he is holding a pro-Muslim book. Are the photo and story true?

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The photo is real, but the description is not.

It should be noted that this photo and story have circulated for several years now. First let’s take a look at one of the captions being included with the photo in 2012:


The Photo

Now let’s take a look at the elements of this photo and description:

This photo was taken back in May of 2008 in Montana, months before Barack Obama beat John McCain for the Presidency. The book had just been published and was #2 on the New York Times best seller list at that time.

The Author

Fareed Zakaria is an Indian-American with a PhD in political science from Harvard University. He has contributed to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek, and CNN, among others. Zakaraia is a well-respected expert on United States foreign policy, and is often described as a centrist. He has written at least two New York Times best sellers. The description being circulated about the Obama photo implies that Zakaria is an anti-American Muslim, which is inaccurate. Read more on his Wikipedia page.

The Book

The Post-American World was published in May 2008 (around the same time that the photo was taken). It was published to generally positive reviews and praised for its optimistic tone. A general synopsis of the book reads, “The first chapter introduces the thesis of the book: that a ‘post-American’ world order is emerging in which the United States of America will continue to be the most powerful nation but its relative power will be diminished.”

Bottom Line

This is the case of someone taking a real photo and bastardizing the story behind it. It’s likely that many politicians on both sides of the aisle read this book, which was a best seller written by a well-respected Harvard graduate.

Updated January 2, 2015
Originally published November 2012

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  • Billy

    If Obama is a Christian why is it that people said they saw him praying in a mosque regularly in Indonesia when he went to school there? Obama has denied ever praying in a mosque but that means he is lying or the witnesses in Indonesia are lying.

  • LuvleeWA

    Liberals are composed of sociopaths, communists, criminals and illegals. Gone is the Democratic party of my parents.

  • Fedup Veteran

    I call them sheeple, fashioned after the lemmings!

  • Fedup Veteran

    And with all your alleged edumacashun (intentional), when don’t have a good argument you resort to profanity. Thank you, I’ll pass on that learning!

  • Fedup Veteran

    You are going to a battle of wits against unarmed people!

  • Fedup Veteran

    Wait, WHAT?

  • Fedup Veteran

    What I find funny is all the rhetoric from liberals about conservatives over this picture. Yes, there might be a legitimate reason for reading this book but at the same time, is there? Yes, it was written by a man who was raised a muslim and now claims he is “not a religious guy”. But then again Obama claimed to be a Christian during his first campaign but since his election and re-election, he has taken a strong anti-Christian position on many, many issues. And the claim that Obama is a muslim is constantly being attacked as “right wing conspiracy theory” but think about this: If Obama was a Christian, it would be absolutely blasphemous for him to be using a muslim name and it would be a requirement for any muslim to kill him but that hasn’t happened yet. Hmm? So why does he continue to go by a muslim name? And if he were Christian like he “claimed”, why would he want to be known by a muslim name when muslims are murdering Christians at an astounding rate according to Obama’s own left-wing media and scream from the roof tops “death to America”. And more telling is that the Quran says that it is okay for a muslim to lie to further the agenda of Islam, thus the claim to be a Christian to fool the sheep, maybe. Only he knows the truth and he sure is not capable of telling said truth. You do the math. Those so-called “intellectual” people with “sound minds to keep the radical right-wing idiots in check” just might not be so smart after all. I’ll take a person with great common sense and patriotism over an intellectual with sound mind (ie educated idiot) any day! And I call them educated idiots because most of the elitist intellectuals don’t have the common sense to put all that knowledge into application. All they can do is spout off about how “smart” they are. When the SHTF, I want someone with common sense and patriotism in the fox hole with me. So whether liberal, conservative, libertarian, independent, or whatever other party you align with, we are ALL being duped by the federal gubment by both main political party “leaders”. It’s just some of us see the writing on the wall through all the propaganda smoke screen being fed to us and some, they just hide their head in the sand and pretend “there’s no place like home”! Have a good day.

  • Tiffany

    Clearly you lost your right to free speech a long time ago, like, whenever they were teaching it to you.

  • John Jones

    It is reassuring to know, there are still good intellectual people around with sound minds to keep the radical right-wing idiots in check.

  • viqui baby

    Yeah, well, as you may know, G E, General Electric,is owned by the same people who own NBC News GE closed down all their factories in America and laid off all their Americans then reopened in china, hiring Chinese workers there, to make the weapons that the US tax dollars will be spent to buy, And of course, the news will be used like a big advertisement for rationalizing the purchasing with our tax dollars of their sister company’s products, namely, war machines.

    Mr. O is the one who hired one of GE’s main guys, to create jobs in America, and he meanwhile laid off all his American workers, and then scooped up a six digit salary as he was appointed by Mr. 0 himself.
    So the corporations, off seas who pay no US taxes, are the contractors getting the contracts, and granted, a little probably trickles into America when the corporate bosses visit America to spend the bigger bucks they made by using Chinese ‘slaves’ who put Americans out of work.


  • james

    How sad for everyone to be reading into things because of their political stance. Frankly, never judge a book by its cover and thats exactly how everyone should look at this.

    It was a a bestseller at the time for frying out loud…maybe he just wanted a read. Must admit, I would have too.

  • m

    Our rights are being attacked every day. Just do reading and stop defending and you will be astonished what is happening out there. Thank God for all the watchdogs out there while we Americans work hard day in and day out just to make ends meet. Those who do not agree will be found out. Our privacy is even gone. Read 1984 if you haven’t. It is happening now.

  • Perry

    Muslims suffer from the same rampant ignorance and fear as the gereral population. Most Muslims look at terrorists like most Americans look at Westboro Baptist Church.

  • mahdi

    I reckon Barrack Obama is no only Muslims sympathiser. His really a man whom sympathising about whole world. I just want to share this conversation with you all, that Barrack Obama is Muslim background and I think whole American should proud of that Muslim man is president of America. I believe Jesus Christ and we have Jesus name in our Quran more than Prophet Mohammed (PBUH. If Obama Reading Muslim book or Christian book does not matter, but the matter is if he dose injustice. Final part of my text I want to say we are all human and we all brothers and sisters and we all from Adam and Eve. Peace be upon you all my brothers and sisters. Mohammed is final messenger and Allah is the greatest. Quran’s> “Every soul shall taste of death; then unto Us ye shall be returned”.

  • Brauk

    The thing is that not one person that has commented so far knows 100% what they are talking about. Unless you have read the book you can’t say what it’s about. (Because it has nothing to do with there no longer being an America) Unless your best friends with Obama and he spills his heart out to you. You don’t actually know where he stands with things. No one does. He has lied about a lot of things and I know that, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have our country’s best interests at heart.
    My point being. No one should say what is “fact” because nothing is unless you know 1st hand.

    • waffles

      It is true that you can never really know what’s in a person’s mind. This is why a person’s actions are far more telling than their words.

    • Roy Montgomery

      Actions speak louder than words. Just look at the mans actions and you will see what he stands for and what his agenda is.

  • Pach

    Everything that Muslims are responsible for should be blamed on muslims. There are NO! non violent true Muslims, for their Quran directs them to kill non believers.

  • Cassandra

    WOW, pointless arguments. First of all, Obama was born in Kenya, so why is he still our president when there is proof that he shouldn’t be?? Why has congress done nothing about it? Second of all, this entire Muslim argument is inapplicable. 911 was a horrible day in history, but what makes it even worse is the fact that there was no Muslim involvement! It was an inside job, just more Americans killing more Americans. Our government is corrupt, and here we all are fighting the wrong fights. Obama is our president because that was all part of the plan, and there isn’t anything we can do about it except open our eyes and see what’s really going on! Stop fighting with each other, and protect your rights. There’s a lot more to all these “tragedies” than meets the eye. “To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.”— Adolph Hitler, 1933

  • Learntoread

    Oh, and perhaps we should blame him for livestock taking ill or your neighbors flare up of gout. Seems legit.

  • Learntoread

    History will write the Diane’s of the world as chicken little. THE SKY IS FALLING! The reason why people make fun of republicans is that the majority of their followers are uneducated dumbasses. You think the book is an anti-American, Muslim rant? Check amazon, stupid. Or is the description of the book on there part of an elaborate conspiracy? Some of you guys would have fit PERFECTLY in Salem, MA during the witch hunts. Such low level, elementary, backwoods thinking.

  • Cate

    Some BS highlights from this thread:
    “i wouldnt read it unless i thought it was something i might agree with.”
    ” Maybe that’s why our president is poo-pooing God and all things related.”
    “I don’t care what anyone else says. The president is anti-american!!”
    “…you’ll see more of these little tricks, to get hilary in.”
    “Has never Ran anything but his mouth”

    I weep for humanity.

  • doug

    Diane…Anyone who says they are not a racist most often is a racist.
    Kathereine…What lies did he tell?

    • JP

      Thank you so much, for having detailed information to evidence the truth of your own statements.
      It’s so difficult to put all these things together and reveal that it’s all in Character with a Man who has to be anti-American to broadcast such known untruths. Rather speaks to a mental disorder to be TELLING us what we are seeing and hearing, when it is common knowledge it is not what is being seen or heard.
      “Don’t believe what you see, believe what I TELL you to see”. Remember “The Emperor wears no clothes”? Obama truly believes he has covered up his true intentions, but his own words belie him. “A MANS OWN WORDS, WILL CONDEMN HIM”

  • Kathereine

    I do not blame him for everything that is wrong just most of it.
    I tried to give him a chance but as always he f s it up.
    He lies and we are to sit here and believe everything going great and wonderful sure okay.
    You will sit blindly and follow him why. That’s what I can not understand.
    I swear most of the people that follow that Man are stupid or just do not care and will follow him right over a cliff. Open your eyes and see what he is doing to the U.S.A.
    Listen to him talk and never give a straight answer.
    I really do not care of what you think of me.

  • Emma

    All terrorists have been Muslim? I don’t know what news you have in your part of the world love. Every country has their own home grown terrorists. The KKK to the IRA and everything in between. Do you ever wonder why people of the Muslim faith hate Americans like yourself? You generalise them with the bad. I’m from Ireland, are you going to say that I’m part of the IRA? So what if he read the book? Clearly if it got to number 2 on the best sellers list then just a few more that Obama read it…

  • Jack

    Are you people thick? If this was real and Obama didn’t want it to go out on the internet, it would never get published on here! He is the president, remember? He could do just about anything, and blocking this from the internet would be simple. Just people who hate Obama are posting this crap and people are buying it.

    • Roy Montgomery

      I do not hate Obama. I just do not like how he is governing America. I would not like what is being done to America by him even if it was my own father doing it.

  • Val

    Maybe the point of this all is is if Obama wasn’t doing so many questionable things there wouldn’t be so much fodder out there to feed on. He is NOT completely truthful about much of his past and as we all know from our mothers, lying by omission is still lying!

  • Zach

    1. We want our president to be educated about many topics and I hope he reads many books on many topics 2. This book is a pretty realistic and moderate view of our future world (although there are points made that I disagree with as well) 3. The author is a well respected journalist, American citizen and about as much a radical Muslim as I am (Southern Presbyterian if you must know).

    Has anyone that has criticized and ranted about this even read this book? Read a review or summary that did not come from a source that is anti President Obama?

    • Roy Montgomery

      He should be reading a book about how to get a budget passed. What the Constitution Stands for and how to treat religion and Americans fairly.

  • larry bavaro

    Larry Bavaro this is a planned photo to hammer down his socialism, Hilary Clinton will then come in and say, I know what he did, and I am the only one who knows how to to get us out of it, the only one who can negate all of Obamas actions. BOOM everybody votes for Hilary, and she just continues the socialist track…you’ll see more of these little tricks, to get hilary in.

  • Julia

    Never judge a book by its cover…common sense..The title does not depict the book.

  • just me

    Just a thought… isn’t the best battle strategy knowing how your enemy thinks, acts and what they want to do. I do a little investing, point being – you need to research from every possible angle to make the greatest decisions. Ask any one that has been successful, if you don’t know your enemy inside and out you should just stay in. Bed.

  • Ferrol

    I don’t care what anyone else says. The president is anti-american!! Action speaks louder than any words! Ur insurance premiums are going up and will continue to go up! Ur freedoms are being taken away at a steady rate! Ur right to free speach is under attack ur right to bear arms is under attack ur way of life is under attack and u are losing and the government is winning! One of u made a comment about being from the South well I am and darn proud of it! I believe in the constitution and what it stands for!!! I dont have to read anything to see the president is a liar and is hiding thing(s)! Wake up people before its too late! We are about too lose everything we stand for and everything our constitution stands for!! Its time for the people to take back control of the government! Personally I dont think the President is an American and I personally think he hates America! He is definitely running it into the ground way above and beyond anyone else has ever done! Of course he isnt alone there are many congress senators representative who are doing there part and if they refuse to do what he says he will executive order it n e way! I am neither republican or democrat so im not stating my opinion from one of there opinions! The news is a joke they only report what they want too! Wake up!!! Those of you who LOVE this president will be wondering wtf just happen when America falls!! No jobs no economy no nothing!! Its coming hope u are ready!

    • Laurie

      Yes! And how I’m looking forward to the day when eyes will be open. But it will be too late then.

  • Debra

    Diane, you need to go to the gas pump and to get your head filled up as it is obviously on EMPTY.

    • Melissa

      Debra, go to the gas pump? Who the hell can afford to go to the gas pump and fill anything? Have you been there lately? 3.80 a gallon on a good day! SHAMEFUL!!!!

  • Don

    It is like a trickster to use this old picture to instigate negative publicity… I have checked out a lot of crap in the past for detrimental purposes. Mike Tsarion is one person who I looked into and came to the conclusion that the guy was leading people astray on the alien front – I had looked into his work out of interest in the occult and how it is claimed to have affected people. I believe I have been affected.

  • JustMe

    Oh honey child Diane, Are you breathing the same air I am? America allows all of her children to speak their mind. However…after reading what you are projecting as facts it scares me to think you have the right to vote…can I assume you are from the south ?

    • Mike hunt

      So not all terrorist are Muslims, but anyone who says something you don’t agree with must be from the south?

  • Elaine

    Does it really matter when the photo was taken? The fact is it is a fact he read or is reading the darn book. He is a deceitful president at best. Insurance premiums have tripled and taxes are going up.. Fact is if you put several housewives in the white house we would balance the darn budget. Housewives know that if you don’t have it don’t spend it.

  • Chad

    Timothy McVeigh wasn’t Muslim. Neither were any of the shooters in the recent massacres. Fox News 2nd majority stockholder is a Muslim, does that make Fox “News” a terrorist. Well, on second thought….

  • Tee

    Diane. I hope that you are a child. The sad thing is that you are probably among the thousands of misinformed adults that believe everything they hear in the wind. Just because someone says it and says it with a microphone doesn’t make it true. You can obviously read, so stop spreading silly lies and do just that. Read for yourself. All of you do your research and stop letting the Limbaughs and Hannitys of the world get you all upset. They’re getting paid off of your ignorance. As long as there is a market for people that refuse to learn better, there will always be people spewing this ridiculous hatred for this man. History will be kind to Obama when you are forced to look back without blinders and see what he was able to achieve while you were still trying to figure out what his grades were in Harvard. Keep sleeping.

    • Laurie

      There are an awful lot of ignorant people in this country. Truth will be known some day. God will judge accordingly, too. He will judge our president….

    • Mike hunt

      The same goes for you and what you hear and believe.

    • Pach

      What he has achieved will keep America crippled long after his term is over- if he doesn’t succeed in establishing a monarchy or dictatorship.

  • Nick S

    Let’s say the photo came out yesterday and really was against US, wouldn’t the President be curious what concerns the author had to say? People can read things that they strongly disbelieve.

  • Lisa

    Ditto to Hoffman’s comment. Wake up people!

  • J palmer

    Mark Hoffmann- I agree 100%!!!! My friends all think I’m crazy! Can you friend me on FB?

    • Bryon Pelzek

      Really Debbie?
      You will only read something that you agree with? That’s pretty narrow minded. Where would we be now if people didn’t read something they didn’t agree with, understand it and then were able to make it better?

      I read a book from Jerry Falwell once even though I have the opinion that he is a lunatic and I completely disagree with his philosophy. But this opinion is based solely on sound bites heard on the evening news and quotes read from the daily paper.
      He was quite transparent in his book about abortion and conceptually his ideas on how to cope with a pregnancy were a bit unnerving to me. However, reading his book forced me to reflect on my own thoughts on abortion in a much deeper way. Did it change my stance on abortion? No. Would I still support someone who wants an abortion? Yes.

      However, by focusing too much on pleasing a God by not having an abortion, Jerry misses the fact, from a pure scientific view point, that the absolute possibility of existence is taken away through the act of an abortion. And then, when you start to calculate the probability of existence which is based upon a myriad of variables; two people meeting, copulating and couple those with the probability of a sperm (out of millions) and an egg combining to create life, you can’t argue against the fact that we are pretty damn lucky to exist and that through abortion, we snuff out this only chance of existing. Because it is an only chance, this in itself, is enough to think twice about supporting abortion.

      So please, don’t be afraid of things, which on the outside may appear to disrupt your mode of thought, for you may find that it allows you to grow and formulate bigger and better ideas!!!

      Take Care,

      Bryon Pelzek

    • Alex

      Because we all know that only reading things you think you will agree with is the way to develop a balanced and accurate worldview.

  • K

    Anybody who thinks this is a recent photo is a dipwad! All you have to do is look at his hair…it’s not grey!

    • AmeriCANsforever

      Anyone who votes this sucka in for another economic-crippling, military-reducing term, is just gullible to believe this picture does not indicate what he is thinking or believes. When the picture was taken is irrelevant cause he’s got Da Power now. Screwed for another 4 years, that’s usA. Keep handing out welfare checks to those who don’t need them so they can keep voting the Dem’s in. Debt us to death, what a great plan! You couldn’t fix it the first time around, (so blame the Rep’s some more), and NOW we are supposed to believe you will “fix” America? Really? But this time you’ll put your ‘grand plan in to action’, really? Keep your change. Don’t like it? Then move to Cana-DUH! America was built on principles vanishing faster than NASCAR can film.

      • William Carr

        You are truly stupid.

        I suggest you move to Somalia.

      • Michael

        Ignorant, at best.

        Yes, the debt surpassed Bush’s total debt just after one term in office. However, that doesn’t mean that the debt is solely Obama’s doing. Federal spending records a joint blame by Dems/Reps for increased spending. Dems controlled both houses of Congress during Obama’s first two years, but Republicans have held the House of Representatives since January 2011. Further, much of the debt results from policies set under past presidents and lawmakers. So, the blame falls on both parties.

        Regarding welfare, be careful about the height of the pedestal you place the Reps on. In 2000, when George Bush took office, welfare spending was $178B. In 2009, it was $415B, an increase of $236B. In 2009, when Obama took office, welfare spending was at $415B. In 2012, it was $451B, an increase of only $41B.

        Additionally, the book in his hand is actually incredibly insightful, written by a very reputable author. It was #2 on the NYT best seller list.

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