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JCPenney Responds to “Period Skirt”

JCPenney Responds to “Period Skirt”

JCPenney has offered a humorous response to what some social media users have described as a “period skirt” sold by the retailer.

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“Period Skirt”

A woman’s skirt, labeled by JCPenney as a “Worthington® Side Slit Pencil Skirt,” has gone viral thanks to social media users who claim it resembles a skirt with a period stain.

The skirt is still available on the retailer’s website. The 28-inch skirt, which sells for $23.99, features a side zipper and “infrared floral” design. It is described as, “Our side slit pencil skirt lets you set the day’s agenda whether you are in the office or at another important function.”

Th floral pattern gained attention after a viral online post described it as resembling a white skirt with a period stain.

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The Imgur post above shows the skirt featured in an ad in which the flower appears more centered than shown on the product page. The placement of the floral design in the center prompted the person who posted the image to write, “Really could’ve picked a better place for that ‘flower’ design…”

With nearly half a million views in its first week online, the Imgur post above went viral and was reported by several local news outlets.

Perhaps most surprisingly is the response offered by JCPenney to the viral photo. When the Twitter page for Los Angeles morning radio show “Th3 Woody Show” posted an article discussing the skirt, the retailer offered its own humorous reply.

This isn’t the first time a product sold by JCPenney has failed the public Rorschach test. In 2013, a tea kettle sold by the retailer was said to look like Adolph Hitler performing a Nazi salute.

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