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Look at the Circle for 10 Seconds. Fooled Ya!

Look at the Circle for 10 Seconds. Fooled Ya!

While on Facebook today, I saw a graphic of a white circle with black lines through it, sitting on a black background with gray lines through it. The caption in the graphic reads: “Look at the circle for 10 seconds. Now click on “Share” and see what happens.”

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There is a description that reads, “Woah that was cool!!!! If you shared it, DONT SPIL IT PLS!”

So, what exactly is supposed to happen when you hit share?


There is no optical illusion that occurs when you hit the share button. It’s a hoax to get you to share this. If you shared it, don’t feel bad because you’re not alone. There were nearly 70,000 shares of the incarnation that I saw. The description actually has “fake” written all over it, and hitting “share” will merely pop up a window – which wouldn’t trigger any sort of illusion to occur. Here is the graphic in question:

If you stare at the graphic for 10 seconds and look away, you may see a shadow of the image for a few seconds, but that’s it. Several of us here at Waffles tried to look for an optical illusion, to no avail.

Nothing to see here. Literally.

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