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McMac N Cheese? McDonald’s Test Marketing Mac N Cheese

McMac N Cheese? McDonald’s Test Marketing Mac N Cheese

Some McDonald’s locations in the Cleveland area are offering Mac N Cheese on menus.

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McDonald’s Mac and Cheese

Some McDonald’s locations in the Cleveland area have been recently offering mac and cheese as part of a test marketing campaign. It was first offered in Happy Meals for $3 with fries, fruit, and milk. In November, it was offered separately for $1.75. The four-ounce portion has 190 calories.

The mac n cheese offering will only appear in Cleveland locations until February 2016, at which point the company will decide whether or not it is a viable product nationwide.

McDonald’s spokeswoman Lisa McComb said, “We’ll then use the feedback from our customers to see what happens after that. It’s premature to draw any conclusions from this test and it wouldn’t be appropriate to speculate on it being offered anywhere else.”

Aficionados of the restaurant chain will recall that McDonald’s test marketed mozzarella sticks throughout 2015 before announcing they would be offered nationwide in 2016.

In October 2015, McDonald’s began offering a limited all-day breakfast menu.

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