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Will There be a Mean Girls Reunion Movie?

Will There be a Mean Girls Reunion Movie?

A graphic circulating on social media implies that a Mean Girls reunion movie may be in the works. Is this true or false?

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The graphic is real, but there is no movie planned.

The two-panel graphic shows the four lead actresses from the 2004 movie Mean Girls. On the left is a movie poster showing the cast in 2004, while the right side recreates the original movie poster, showing how the actresses appear in 2014, and titled “Mean Girls: The Reunions.” The graphic also includes the caption “Watch your back again!”

mean girls the reunion

The graphic above has led some internet fans to believe a Mean Girls reunion movie may be forthcoming. The graphic, however, is not a poster for a reunion movie, but is a promotional graphic for an interview with the original cast for a “reunions” issue of Entertainment Weekly. This issue brought back together casts of popular movies to discuss their iconic roles. Eight casts were re-assembled including Ghost Busters and Napolean Dynamite.

In the issue, dated November 14, 2014, each of the Mean Girls stars were asked about the possibility of filming a reunion movie. While star Lindsay Lohan said she thought, “it would be really cool,” co-star Amanda Seyfried felt that “you can’t f___ with that.”

Mean Girls 2

Fans of the original movie will remember that in 2011, a sequel to Mean Girls was released. Mean Girls 2 was unable to duplicate the box office success and cult following as the original film, and did not feature the same cast members.

Bottom Line

The graphic circulating which appears to show a Mean Girls reunion movie is actually a promotional graphic for an interview with the cast in a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly. While some cast members have said they would be open to the idea of a reunion movie, there are no plans in place as of this writing.

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