Megan Fox First Celebrity Death Hoax of 2013

With 2013 barely 48 hours old, Twitter saw "RIP Megan Fox" trending. She now has the distinction of being the first celebrity death hoax of the year. And yes, it's just a hoax.

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Fortunately, unlike most of the celebrity death hoaxes in 2012, most users didn’t take the bait and immediately dismissed the rumor. In fact, “RIP Megan Fox” became the butt of many jokes throughout the evening. Here are a few choice tweets we spotted immediately after the hoax began to trend:

  • Twitter: killing people since 2006 …RIP Megan Fox
  • Breaking News: RIP Megan Fox is now trending. Good job twitter it only took you 48 hours to claim your first victim
  • Why are people always killing celebrities on twitter? R.I.P megan fox?
  • I’d see people saying something like ” I’d like to RIP Megan Fox ‘s shirt off” but not RIP Megan Fox
1/5/2013 Update
Apparently the death hoax nabbed the actress’ attention, as she joined Twitter hours after the hoax above. Her first tweet?
“I’m incredibly late to the party but I’m here nonetheless, so what now?”

The actress has amassed about 150,000 followers in her first 48 hours on the social network.

“RIP Megan Fox” was trending Wednesday night.

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