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Survey Scam: No Starbucks Lifetime Passes

Survey Scam: No Starbucks Lifetime Passes

A fake post online claims that Starbucks is giving away free Lifetime Passes on its 44th anniversary. The post is merely a survey scam.

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Starbucks Survey Scam

The link circulating on Facebook includes the image of a gold card and the headline that reads “Starbucks is giving free Lifetime Pass on it’s 44th Anniversary (83 Pass Remaining).”

It should be pointed out that the broken grammar in the link’s headline should be sufficient to drive away most readers. With correct grammar, the headline should read, “Starbucks is giving away free lifetime passes on its 44th anniversary (83 passes remaining).”

Grammar aside, when you click the link, you’ll be taken to a throwaway domain which resembles Facebook’s color scheme and appears to be counting down the number of remaining passes.

starbucks survey scam

You’ll be asked to share the page, and then you’ll be taken to a website which wants you to sign up for their rewards program. This program wants you to perform various tasks such as filling out surveys, purchasing items, and recruiting your friends.

At some point in the process, the “Lifetime Pass” for Starbucks is no longer mentioned because no such pass exists, and you’ll never get one.

Bottom Line

Starbucks is not giving away Lifetime Passes as claimed by posts circulating on social media. This is merely a survey scam which is trying to dupe you into signing up for their “rewards” program.

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