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Beware of the Fake Kohl’s “$250 Clearance Sale Coupon” Post

Beware of the Fake Kohl’s “$250 Clearance Sale Coupon” Post

A post circulating on Facebook claims that Kohl’s is giving away free $250 clearance sale coupons. Kohl’s has denounced the post.

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Survey Scam

Fake giveaways such as this have been on Facebook for years. In the case of the current Kohl’s version, a post claims that visitors to the link will receive a rather generous $250 “Clearance Sale Coupon.”

fake kohls giveaway

When you visit the link, however, you are first asked to share the same post that you clicked to arrive there. Then you’ll find yourself at a survey website, such as which will ask you to register and fill out surveys.

No $250 Kohl’s card will ever be rewarded, and by the time most readers figure that out, some will have signed up for their “rewards program” which often requires purchase or even recruiting your friends to sign up.

Kohl’s Response

Kohl’s responded to a question about the post on their Facebook page, which read, “…please know that this is not a valid Kohl’s offer and we are working on having it removed.”

Bottom Line

The alleged $250 Kohl’s Clearance Sale Coupon is a ruse to get social media readers to sign up for a rewards program. No such coupon will be rewarded, and Kohl’s has denounced the phony giveaway.

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