MSA 30X Reviews: Does it Work?

MSA 30X Reviews: Does it Work?

MSA 30X Sound Amplifier is advertised as an inexpensive alternative to hearing aids. Read our MSA 30X reviews from editors and readers.

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About MSA 30x

MSA 30x is advertised as a “sound amplifier” which would presumably act as an inexpensive backup or even as a replacement for traditional hearing aids. The MSA 30X appears to have first been marketed in mid-2012, although in mid-2013 a higher-profile marketing campaign began.

The official website is, which was registered on January 10, 2012.

How much does MSA 30x cost?

The MSA 30X costs $29.95 plus $7.95 for processing and handling (P&H), but beware that they only give you the option to buy two of them. This means you’ll pay $15.90 P&H + $29.95 for a total cost of $45.85 to receive two units.

You can now find MSA 30X in stores. We have seen it locally at such stores as KMart and Walgreens in the As Seen on TV section.

Confusing Billing

The billing process on the website is confusing to some customers because as it does not give you the option to order a single MSA 30X unit. You only have the option to buy “sets of two” as part of their “buy 1 get 1 free” with the extra P&H option. Several customers have selected two sets of two, believing that’s what they needed to select in order to get two MSA 30X’s. Two sets of two is actually an order for 4 units, totaling $31.80 in P&H charges alone.

The confusing ordering process is made worse by the fact that there is no confirmation screen to summarize your order before it is placed.

MSA 30x Television Commercial

Below is a television commercial for MSA 30x:

Transcript of the MSA 30X television commercial:

Listen up for an amazing offer that can change the way you hear.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. Can you repeat that?”

Frustrated with your hearing?

“What did he say?”

Well hear better now. Introducing the fully-rechargeable MSA 30X, a revolutionary device that features the latest micro-sound amplification technology that can barely be seen. Independently tested to help you hear up to 30 times better. It turns ordinary hearing into extraordinary hearing. MSA 30X works by capturing and amplifying sound waves, yet its lightweight ergo-acoustic design is discrete. It form fits in and around either ear.

“I forget I’m even wearing it.”

An MSA 30X is powerful. Hear clearly in restaurants. Never miss another word on TV or at the movies.

“My wife complaints that I have the volume up on the TV too loud.”

“And I didn’t want to be in the same room with him.”

“Now I can hear everything clearly.”

Simply adjust the volume as you desire. Other units use so many batteries and they’re difficult to change, but the MSA 30X is completely rechargeable. Simply plug it into the wall or you computer.

“I tried other devices that had batteries, but they were always such a pain to change and so costly, but this is rechargeable so figure I save hundreds a year.”

Bulky sound amplifiers can cost hundreds, but now you can try MSA 30X for just $59.95. But wait – in this special TV offer, we’ll cut the price in half. Hear up to 30 times better for just $29.95. But there’s more. We’ll double the offer free. Just pay additional and processing and handling. We’ll even include a dual charging base, cleaning brush, and comfort tips. Did you hear that? Two MSA 30X’s for just $29.95. How’s that sound? The MSA 30X Hear Better Now offer. Get two for just $29.95.

“All I can say is just try it. It could change your life.”

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Our MSA 30X Review

With the outrageous costs of some hearing aids, the MSA 30X is an enticing proposition to some consumers due to its low cost. This extreme low cost, however, should be your first indication that the MSA 30X is not a high-grade piece of audio equipment. The question then is whether or not the product can at least serve as a cheap or temporary alternative to more expensive hearing aids. Based on our tests of the product, our answer is “no.”

Our tests of the product found it to be disappointing. While it does amplify sound, it does so without any noise cancellation, meaning that background noises are also amplified. There is a constant background “hiss” that renders the MSA 30x unpleasant at best. The only setting in which the MSA 30X seemed at all satisfactory was a quiet room with only one sound source. Other than that, the background noise and static were unacceptable.

If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative to expensive hearing aids, this is probably not the best solution.

Google Trends History

Below is a Google Trends graph which displays interest in the MSA 30X over time. Interest appears to have peaked in August of 2013. Following a small surge in December of 2013, interest appears to have declined and leveled off.

Bottom Line

We found the MSA 30X to be almost unbearably noisy, and the billing process can be somewhat confusing. It is not a satisfactory alternative to hearing aids, even older analog models. 

Beware of countless websites offering glowing “reviews” of the MSA 30X that conclude with a link for the “best price” of the product. These are typically marketing affiliates who are attempting to sell the product.

Your MSA 30x Review

Have you tried the MSA 30X? Give us your MSA 30x review in the comments below.

Updated January 25, 2015
Originally published July 2013

  • tanya hill

    My husband has $6000.00 hearing aides in his desk. I’m so sick of repeating myself and not being able to sleep because of the loud TV. I gave him the MSA30x it works for him. Walgreens has them for $30. It saved my sanity and all the fighting.

  • silentwind

    I just purchased one at the drug store. Used it one morning in church and it is not satisfactory. Very loud background noise on the lowest setting. It charges very fast and charger is the same as my cell phone or a computer USB port. Will box it up and attempt to sell it on eBay as used.

  • Kenneth V. Brown

    I am returning the items I ordered based on the reviews of others. I am not even bothering to open the items as this offer appears to have been fraudulently advertised and therefore do not warrant my trying them. Please see to it that my Visa account is properly credited with the amount of $115.60. I must tell you that I do not appreciate having been duped by your ads nor do I appreciate the telephone call I received by someone from your company trying to encourage me to order other items. By copy of this message I am notifying VISA and the Office of the Attorney General for Delaware, Joseph Biden, Jr. of this transaction.

  • Lou

    Total piece of junk!! You get what you pay for – useless

  • Megs

    Does anyone have any other recommendations? I’m trying to buy my dad something similar to a hearing aid. We just can’t afford the real deal.

    • Mary

      We just ordered the Walker Game Ear Elite Pro HD. The price was around $170. We checked lots of reviews before ordering. This was for my husband. Well, he loves it. While this is more expensive than the msa30x, at least it is cheaper than what you would pay if you went to an ear specialist. This is definitely worth it.

  • Reta Kaile

    I ordered the buy one get one free for my husband. Was badgered for 30 minutes to add other items to my order and thought I made it clear that I only wanted the one with an extra one free. they did not tell me what the bill was and when I saw my credit card bill was for $99.00 I was totally pissed. When it finally arrived there were four hearing aids each with separate shipping bills. I called the company and told them I did not order four hearing aids, shouting at the woman what am I going to do with four. My husband could not use them too much background noise and said he wouldn’t wear them so I am sending them all back. Have a dispute on file with Visa. Will see if they refund my money. Don’t buy this item.

  • Kevin McCandless

    You give it too much credit. I vote 0 stars. I am out money and don’t even have my hearing aids. Sent the package back unopened because of the billing and lies told to me when I contacted them. They are a totally bogus company and should be litigated out of business.


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