Wafflesatnoon.com was launched in March, 2008 and was originally conceived as a personal blog. It slowly evolved into a website focusing on hoaxes, rumors, odd news, and occasional product reviews.


James White currently heads wafflesatnoon.com along with a small and revolving group of additional writers, collectively known as “waffles.” There are also a number of frequent and guest writers.

If you are interested in writing for Wafflesatnoon.com, please email [email protected].


What does “waffles at noon” mean?

It’s a metaphor for those times you’ve overslept, made a late breakfast, and turned on the news – only to feel like you were the last person to find out what’s going on. Our original tagline read:

Get out of bed and have breakfast with the rest of us who are already awake. It’s not too late. We’re serving waffles today, and it’s only noon.

In other words, we’ll fill you in on anything you may have missed.

Who is “Waffles” that posts all of the articles?

There are several writers under the umbrella of “waffles.” These posts are created, edited, and revised collectively. It is our word for “staff.”

Why isn’t Wafflesatnoon.com on the Internet Archive?

The website began in 2008 as a personal blog, and many of those early articles contained personal information not relevant to what Wafflesatnoon.com is today.

Why are you better than other myth-busting sites?

We haven’t claimed to be better than anyone. While there may be occasional overlap, we offer our own unique range of topics. We also tend to avoid other myth-busting sites when researching a hoax or rumor in order to focus on independent research using original sources. This helps us form our own objective opinion on a topic.

In no way do we proclaim this website to be the “definitive” word on any topic. We simply present facts and research and allow the reader to form their own opinions, and welcome their input. Rather than attempt to debunk every minor rumor that circulates online, we try to be a bit more selective about what we post in order to avoid the already cluttered landscape.

How do I submit a story idea to Wafflesatnoon?

Contact us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, or email [email protected].

About our product reviews

Because the internet is flooded with fake reviews – both pro and con – we feel that an unbiased discussion of a product’s strengths and weaknesses, along with truth in advertising, is more valuable than ever. We do allow for user comments, and attempt to filter out what appear to be blatant fakes.

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