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Was Obamacare Released on 35 Floppy Disks?

Was Obamacare Released on 35 Floppy Disks?

A story circulating over the past few weeks claims that, in response to problems with the healthcare website, the Obamacare program has been released on floppy disks.

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The article is satire.

Published by The Onion, a satirical website, the humorous “news” story tells of the Administration’s decision to release its “new, improved Obamacare program” which allows Americans to purchase healthcare after installing the software contained on 35 floppy disks.

The article cites decades-old computer requirements and MS-DOS commands needed to run the application:

“…the updated Obamacare software is mouse-compatible and requires a 386 Pentium processor with at least 8 MB of system RAM to function properly. “Just fire up MS-DOS, enter ‘A:\>dir *.exe’ into the command line, and then follow the instructions to install the Obamacare batch files—it should only take four or five hours at the most.”

Bottom Line

Obamacare is not being released on floppy disk. The origin of this story the satirical website The Onion.


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