Pete Seeger Dies at 94, Fake Death Hoax Confuses Readers

It has been confirmed tonight that musician Pete Seeger has died at the age of 94. The reports have been further clouded by a fake news website claiming the folk singer's death is a hoax.

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Reports about the singer’s death have at first came from unofficial sources such as friends and colleagues. Eventually his grandson Kitama Cahill Jackson confirmed his death to the media, stating that Seeger had died of natural causes at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Pete Seeger “Death Hoax” is a hoax

seegerSome readers, when attempting to ascertain the condition of Seeger, stumbled across the fake news site Mediamass, which contains an article claiming that Seeger’s death is a hoax. Mediamass produces the same “death hoax” article for dozens – or even hundreds – of celebrities. There was no death hoax, and the Mediamass article has likely existed for a year or longer.

See our complete article about Mediamass here.

Seeger’s passing, and initial claims that a death hoax preceded his death, are reminiscent of similar events which occurred after actor Walker died. When Walker died in November 2013, fans at that time also ran across the same fake Mediamass “death hoax” article about the him. Many readers at first believed Walker was still alive, then later some stated the “coincidence” of Walker’s “death hoax” with his actual death. There had, however, been no death hoax for Walker, either, but confusion about the nature of the Mediamass article.

Bottom Line

Pete Seeger’s death was confirmed by his grandson. There was, however, no death hoax which preceded his passing.

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  • Ian

    The hoax is a hoax. How meta can you get?

  • sev

    i cant stand these hoax deaths, to bad to hear that pete died, actually heard of the guy a while ago and thought his work was descent.