Photo of Man Punching Dog: Real or Hoax?

A photo showing a man holding a dog against the wall by its neck, threatening the animal with a clenched fist, has circulated for several years. Another image shows the dog buried up to its neck in sand. Are these images real or fake?

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The images are real.

The man in the images was investigated by police in his area in 2012.

This page indicates that the man in the photo is one Patricio Millar, with several links to social networking sites as proof. It is unclear how they determined the identity of the man, and if that determination is accurate. They claim that the images were posted on his Facebook profile, but that profile has since been deleted. The site claims he is “working for the Chilean Parliament.”

The website BioBioChile appears to have broken the story back on October 29, with this article which points to complaints they received regarding the photos. That article refers to Patrick Millar (note the spelling difference) and states that he belonged to the police school, not the Chilean Parliament. This post has a screen shot of a Facebook page allegedly of the same man in the photos in question. That Facebook profile has since been deleted.

An article from October 30, 2012, states that the man in the photo is Patrick Millar and under investigation.

Even singer David Draiman of the rock band Disturbed tweeted the image with the angry message, “SOMEONE PLEASE FIND THIS SICK F–K AND BRING HIM TO JUSTICE”

While several sources from October 2012 reported the incident and identified the man, follow-up stories have been scarce. If you have any updated information as to the outcome of this case, please comment below.

Bottom Line

The best information we have regarding these photos is that they were taken of a man named Patrick (Patricio) Millar in 2011, who was suspended from police school after an investigation.

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  • Jk


    • Zed

      You’re stupid. It has been deemed legit. Read, man. Read. There’s more to life than 4 letter words.

  • Sophia

    This Man needs to be detained and convicted to serve a felony prison sentence. This is not acceptable. Please bring this Man to justice. Is there any court sysytem and judges to help convict this man as sson as possible? These poor innocent animals who are being victimized and brutually attacked & punctured for no reason. WE Need More Voices & action for Dogs,or any animals!!

    Celebrities!, people, american people please we meed to help out these poor animals who are victims of animal cruelty.

  • Cole

    To all of you vigilantes wanting to maim, brutalize, beat up, and some even want this man killed….and who refuse to believe that this photo is Photoshopped…here’s news for you;
    The man had every right to punch the dog and put some sand around the beast…why??? Because that vicious dog had attacked and maimed his sleeping child who hadn’t done anything to the dog. Not only that, but the dog also killed their pet kitten, a baby lamb, and all 3 of their prized chickens!
    If the vigilantes on here want to exact revenge on that man because they think he’s abusing the dog- then let’s see what punishment you all think is befitting for the bloodthirsty vicious dog now!

    • Ray Zor

      So you spread false rumors to help your friend abuse animals, is that it? The dog is a boxer, not a pit bull like so many ignorant wads have speculated. The dog did NOT hurt his kid, and finally, regardless, he has NO right to punch the dog even if it DID hurt his kid. You have heard of this thing called “law”, right? And ya, I’m a vigilante that seeks out cowardly little “men” like this. You’ll never guess where they are now. Give you a hint? They’re kinda like the dog in the sand photo, except their head ain’t showing…

      • kay

        ‘Ray Zor’ must not be a parent.. I’m sorry if any one objects, but if my dog attacked my child, I’d kick it in the f–king face. It has never been terrible, but my dog has snapped at and bitten my infant before. It was the child’s fault for poking at the dog in a way the dog didn’t like, but even so, I smacked the dog because it is unacceptable behavior. I still teach my child to be nice to the animals, but if they hurt her, they are the ones to be punished. Unless of course, the child seriously injures the dog, but that’s common sense. Don’t get me wrong, I love my pets, but I happen to love my child more.

        • Shelby Ray

          You need to not have any animals. You are to blame for your dog’s behaviour. If your dog hurts your child, it is on you, not the dog. And, no, you don’t love your pets.

        • ReallY???

          WOW…who’s fault is it??? who was watching your INFANT CHILD to teach him/her how to act around an animal. I think YOU should have been there as a parent!, your child is an infant but blame should be on you! and yes I do agree with I love my pets, but I happen to love my child more, 100% agree, but watch your babies with an animal.

          Kay says”my dog has snapped at and bitten my infant before. It was the child’s fault for poking at the dog in a way the dog didn’t like, but even so, I smacked the dog because it is unacceptable behavior.”

        • USAforever100

          Just hope you smacked the child to so it won’t mistreat the dog !!!!

        • anne fletcher

          You would torture a dog? Wow! This is all appalling to me. Get your dog training or rehome him/her even with someone willing to train, but torture a living thing? To what end? The dog appears to be a puppy. He or she most likely just nipped like puppies do if the pup did anything at all to his child. This all sounds manufactured. I do not hit my children or animals as a method of correction. I am bigger and stronger and I am not a bully. An animal has the intelligence of a 4 year old child. Both children and puppies can be redirected and respond best to positive enticement for proper behavior. Most of those commenting on this string, should not have a k-9 companion animal. You are not intellectually capable nor kind enough to deserve what they bring to a family or individual. I am glad that there are others as disgusted by this as I am.

        • vicki

          How the hell was it the baby’s fault?

        • joe

          The dog did not attack the child! Have you not heard of sarcasm? And Ray Zor said he would not “punch” the dog – he did not say he wouldn’t “punish” the dog. Seriously, some people need to read the whole story not just the bits they want to read.

      • Mark

        Come hunt me Ray. Put me in the sand. If my DOG hurt any of my kids… it would be a dead dog. Not just choked but killed. Human life is greater than ANY animals life period. Damn idiot

        • D

          ” Human life is greater than ANY animals life period”
          Well I see one life that is not nearly as important as most animals

      • Pam Weldon

        Thumbs up to you Ray!!!!

      • vicki

        wow you’re an idiot! You said” even if the dog attacked his kid he had no right to hit it” You pos moron. If a dog attacks my kid i will do more to it than what thos man has done.

      • Joe

        Well, I agree with that but if a dog hurts my kid I’m beating the f-cking thing to death. People first.

        • fi

          If my dog attacked your kid and you even touched my dog you could safely count yourself and your child as a dead. My dog has more worth than you ever will. You should be sold for the sum of your parts if you are that self centred to think your special snowflake is worth that much.

    • jajjaaj

      If all that were true, then why would he keep pictures of this dog on his FB page? No, if I had a dog that maimed my child, I would not keep any photos of that dog around. And the idea that this dog did ALL that damage and nobody was around to stop it? Wow… that is reaching.

    • http://[email protected] Ericepp

      Those poor chickens. Kill him!

    • Victor Lopez

      You are clearly an attention seeking idiot,not only is what he did inexcusable,psychotic behavior.If the dog was as vicious as you claim,there is no chance he wouldn’t be bleeding after trying to grab the dog.Furthermore,you seem to be claiming it was a rampage type attack from the dog.Even you were claiming it to be multiple acts,the individual would have never allowed things to get that far before acting,by getting his child and any animals that were in danger to safety and if he truly felt the dog was a threat,someone else would have been called to handle the dog,likely with a gun (possibly non lethal unless it’s the police),NOT their bare hands.

    • John

      Shut up you c–t you have no proof of this youre obviously a deluded c–t

    • Scott

      You are a moron of the highest caliber. If you still need to have why this is so explained slowly, just let me know.

    • lotte

      FFS the dog is this pathetic mans responsibility. He made the dog that way!!!! Take the dog to a vet for euthanasia NOT brutalise it and take damn bloody horrible photos. Man is a cretin and I for one would exact revenge willingly on him not on the bloodthirsty vicious dog, which he, made that way now go peddle your crap elsewhere

      • Zed

        Thank you. If you’re a moron, your dog will act moronic. If you are patient and understanding, your dog will take that cue. It’s a symbiotic relationship; the dog is what you are in your heart. It shows you who you are deep inside. Why do you think they call them “best friends”? That’s probably why that guy popped off the way that he did. Get pissed, but don’t beat the crap out of it and bury it up to its neck, then take pictures of it. That would mean, by the sheer callousness of it that that is not the first time that he’s done it. He’s a psychopath.

        • Mark

          yep and you are the type of person that blames the gun not the person too right? lol How the HELL is it his fault if his dog does something? granted it could be raised better but even the best dogs have snapped and bit people…… they are DOGS.

          • vicki

            a gun would come in habdy here. Id kill that damn dog if it attacked a kid.

    • harlzy

      Your a fool whos deaf dumb and blind, even if the dog did those things you say theres more acceptable ways to put the dog down than brutal tactics, its not humane is it. they dont do this to serial killers up for death row, so dont do it too animals regardless. if the dogg attacked his kids killed a kitten a lamb etc then its the OWNERS FAULT!!!!!!!! and by the way hes acting towards his dog its no wonder the dog did those things. photoshopped or not, its pathetic eitha way

    • tony

      please send me the info on this as if this is the situation ( injured the child, killed a kitten, lamb & chickens ) then i could understand the man’s rage, but what he did wrong was post it on facebook & should have the dog humanely euthanized

    • Jose

      Your a REAL IDIOT. If the dog attacked all those animals and Child, You take him where he can be put to sleep. Was the Child sleeping with all these prized chickens that the dog did it all at once ?

      If he did one, you take care of the situation right then and there, punching the animal is just not the fix. It is somewhat like sitting an animal down and explaining things to him. You are a REAL DOPE and IDIOT and I hope you don’t have any pets let alone children A HOLE

    • Christine

      If the dog did that, then it should be put down, but nowhere do we read that it did. Putting it down and beating it cruelly are two different things. An animal that does that normally has been abused in the first place…you’re an idiot. Nobody deserves that.

    • Sophie

      Cole your comment is simply untrue. What a thing to say! Please, before you start spreading lies and fantasies think of the consequences. An innocent being was and has probably been many times, harmed, and you’ve decided to ignore that and spread silly stories.


      COLE wonder WHAT / WHO made that dog aggressive?????? Open your eyes you fool, a dog will act in self defense and seeing these pictures this twat does not deserve to have animals let alone children, hope he rots in hell!

    • petlover

      Cole, here are some news for you – we still want to have that SICKO Millar prosecuted. And you should stop spreading the lies.
      If the dog was so vicious, there’s no way he would allow any human to grab his neck or to torture him.
      Have you ever seen a vicious dog? Obviously not, so shut up and stop spreading false stories.
      I’ve been working with troubled dogs for years and there’s NO WAY the aggressive dog would allow such a torture.
      Plus, even if there were some issues with the dog, it was his owner’s fault.
      Dogs are like kids – they are mirrors of their owners’ behavior – what we can clearly see on the pictures!
      If the dog is aggressive and physically dangerous (and not sick), that means only one thing – the owner is a violent tyrant, who abuses his pets and probably even his own family.

    • Brian

      Where do you get your sources from? There is not a shred of evidence to substantiate your Claim!!

  • Tim

    I love animals, so of course this collage disturbs me.

    I think that it’s fake. The dog has his back completely against the wall down to his butt. I’ve worked with dogs for a long time, a dog wouldn’t simply flatten itself against the surface it’s being held against. Even if the dog was scared and made no attempt to break free of his grasp, its natural form wouldn’t have pressed against the wall.

    A picture of the man in a pose or streching was combined with a picture of the dog rolling over while on a carpet. Go to bed.

    • Cole

      I too am an animal lover. Of course the pic is fake. Like Tim wrote, the photo in question “is a collage.”
      It is very unnatural looking with how the dog is posed- completely flat- if you look at the photo turned around, you can tell the dog is really laying on carpeting because of how it’s weight of the dog burrows slightly in the carpet’s pile.
      Also notice the the large square area where the dog is, all the way down to where the dog’s legs end, does not match the color of the other phony area what is supposed to be the wall of the house.
      The door doesn’t belong, there is no framing, jamb, nor hinges.
      The wooden beams appear out of nowhere in the background to the left of the Photoshopped photo.
      I could go on and on how fake it is….
      Just like the dog is supposed to be buried in dirt! I have never seen dirt like that before. It looks like a nice fluffy blanket wrapped around the dog.

    • Ray Zor

      You’ve worked with dogs for a long time, eh? Have you held a dog up by its neck against a wall like this? I’ve seen it done by abusive dickheads, and that is exactly how a dog hangs when all of its weight is being supported by its neck. The photo’s are legit and this coward is on his way to meeting his maker.

      • FIONA KING

        Well said Roy Zor

  • Kim

    Definitely shopped pulled it up and looked at it the guy was probably part of the original photo as only the arms, hands, and for some reason his hair in both pics of him looks tampered with. The door with someones leg sticking out is Photoshopped in very badly i might add they chopped off part of their foot if you enlarge it enough you can see the pixel’s are completely straight down on that persons ankle also where are the hinges? The dog’s neck has had work done on it and it is laying on carpet so he was shopped in as well. Also a lot of people are calling the dog a pit bull but it looks more like a white boxer to me. Not sure about the pic of the dog “buried” it is very blurred i don’t even think it is the same dog as in the other picture.

  • Taylort

    Cole- please make up your mind about what story you are going to use to defend scumbags and stick to it. Your comments scream “unintelligent”


      ha ha I thought exactly the same as you Taylort,sounds like COLE has no brain cells!!

  • Rob

    Definitely FAKE!!!

    Look at the dogs neck where the guy looks like he is about to punch him, it is cut and pasted. The line around the dogs neck is almost perfectly straight, above the guys hand. As far as the dog in the sand, it is obviously nto stressed, the pic shows a dog who is perfectly content.

    • Rob

      NOT* Stressed….

  • Murr

    The poster Sophia is a complete idiot.

  • Mick Wop

    Ok, so this guy posted this picture on Facebook for what reason? To make sure all the boxers in the world know not to mess with him? And let’s assume that this picture is a Photoshop picture, posting this picture as a fake is almost as sadistic as posting it if it was real.

  • steffi

    And most are overlooking the way the guy is posed. Who draws their arm back like that to punch? And he looks like he is going to laugh, as in take the picture already? And if you are really going to punch something, you are going to just stop and let somebody take a picture? I have had my doubts about this everything its posted on Facebook. And on the note, doesnt anybody check these stories before posting them a gazillion times??? GRRRRRR!!! Think for yourselves people!!!

    BNA; just because there is a blog post doesnt mean its a real story! Its the internet for pete’s sake!

  • mm

    If the dog is being aggressive with the family, that’s probably because it’s being abused. If the dog really did harm family members then disown the dog or take it to be humanely put down, handle the situation responsibly. Don’t keep it around the house only to abuse it. This only perpetuates the vicious cycle. If a dog harmed my child, I would give it up, not abuse it and have someone take pictures of it. That solves nothing and only contributes to the problem.

  • rah

    I would love to do that to him, hoax or not its disturbind not funny beating frm a to boys did that in australia here and got a beating from a gang of people

  • rah

    Needs a bullet

  • Anne

    Anyone with any expertise in Photoshop would recognize instantly that the photo of the dog against the wall was altered. There are a number of very clear telltale signs. Clearly, the “wall” is carpeting. You can even see the edges where it overlays the cement-block wall.I have no idea if the man harmed the dog or not, the the picture is clearly fake.

  • anon

    If that man can punch a dog , he has already been abusing his dog for a long time, and he could be aggressive to people . I read a story of a man who stopped two people in canada from beating their dogs and he himself was beaten to death , and the officers trying to arrest the abusers were bitten by the abusers . The abusers were most likely charged now with murder . A person like this is not fit to live . This kind of man needs to be treated as he treats others .

  • michelle

    This man is as sick and disturbed as they come, anyone who can abuse an animal in this way needs to be taken away to court charged and put in prison for animal cruelty. He does not deserve to have a life he should be treated in prison in the same manner he treated that poor helpless animal. You are an inhumane person just pathetic….do you have children? Have you taught your children to be as barbaric as you? You deserve to rot in hell!!! I hate you and hope you are punished and I hope someone beats the living crap out of you and sh-ts down your throat you sick mf’er I really hope you rot and burn in hell you do not deserve to live. You sick sick jerk off goof!!!

  • Penny

    Wow. I’m so impressed by people’s reactions. All of them. If I could take it I could probably learn a lot about my fellow humans just reading this.

  • Luanne

    I think it is real.. however, if it’s fake.. what kind of freak would take pictures like that? It would still be a sick mind that would think those kind of pictures of your loved pet would be a kick!!

    We have a Lab who is 13 years old.. that sick kind of picture would NEVER enter our minds to take.. our pictures show our furry family member in loving situations only.. NEVER BEING HELD BY HIS NECK OR BURIED IN SAND TO HIS NECK… STILL A SICK ASS EVEN IF PICTURES WERE FAKE!!

  • katie

    This man was caught, his dogs taken, he was arrested and lost his job.

  • She

    Everyone can stop arguing. It was real. The guy is in custody. He has no child. The dog didn’t eat a kitten or lamb. Ridiculous. He is suspended from his job because he worked for the embassy. There is a petition to sign if you believe he should be prosecuted to the full extent.

  • sara

    true or not, this sick son a dick hole had the sick f–k of a brain(or lack there of)to participate in the photos, one way or another. I say we hunt this f–ker down, strip him, put a huge nail right between his eyes and nail him to a public wall, strip him, chop off his tiny little penis and his nuts, shove the whole package down his throat and let him slowwllllyyyyyy die, as we all watch and take pictures. thats what he gets for abusing that and probably other animals he has abused. This is how it all starts with serial killers people. he needs this to halp put a stop to this sick behavior. there is no room or tolerance, on this planet for his sick mind. thanks and have a great day!

    • Christine

      I like the way you think. Can we partner up and find this sick f*ck?? Like seriously wtf is wrong with people! I cried just looking at the photo..i could never bring myself to do something like that to ANY animal.

  • luc vincelette

    Les plus dangereux en ce monde ne son pas tous institutionnalisé. Un jour, il comprendra que la vie est ce qu’il y avait de plus précieux en ce monde ce jour sera, le jour de sa mort.

  • T

    Whether these pictures be fake or real, this man needs to be caught and taught a lesson, by doing the same this to him. Then post the pictures on the internet and see how he likes it. These photos and any other ones depicting the similar inhumane treatment of animals are utterly disturbing to people like myself. I don’t care, anyone who takes and posts these type of pictures anywhere on the internet is a total a-hole with a demented mind. As far as I’m concerned these and any other photos like these are far from being funny at all. These type of people need to get a real life! What the hell is this frickin world coming to?

  • Ann

    I hope they find this SOB,, I don’t care if these pictures are faked or not , this is atrocious , somebody should bury this bastard up to his neck ,,,I have cried over this and Im furious!! If it was faked ,,, then why , why would you take a picture like this!! Praying they find this SOB, an eye for an eye ,I say…

  • Paul Croix

    Trying to find out what really happened to the dog, whether it lived or died, could not find any information. The fact that the dog attacked the guy’s kid sounds made up as I could not find any other site proving that theory. That guy is bastard though worst things happen everyday and we do not even know about it. Google this image and you will find all this guy’s information.

  • Paula

    I don’t think the picture is photoshopped. I think the texture is stucco wall and the dogs legs are at an angle that would indicate “hanging” in my opinion. I also have never buried a dog in the sand at the beach or anywhere else unless it was dead and that would have been in a favorite spot in the backyard.

  • Adam

    Laughable that no one commenting on this post gives a toss about the systematic torture and extermination of an animal just as intelligent as any dog (ie. pigs) so they can eat their bacon breakfast.

    Yes its all about the evil sickos who hurt cats and dogs!!! (cos they are cute)

    Not to mention the MILLIONS of new born chicks that have been BOILED ALIVE upon birth in China a month or so ago due to a few cases of bird flue and that boiling is cheap.

    I cant see a single comment that comes from a humanitarian… But just keep repeating what the newspapers tell you is correct and you can keep fooling yourselves you’re really all very nice animal loving people…right?

    • rgalati

      Don’t see here Adam that you are any more compasinate about the animal I don’t see you worried bout this dog, I’m just saying

  • awwwwwwwww

    so this is NOT fake but even if it was a takes a sick person to create such a photo

  • couldbe

    …photoshopped or not, granted it’s a sick photo either way you look at it. i have a pit and i’m one big dude, and all i can say this guy must be be one strong s.o.b. if he’s throwing/leading with his right, which would be his *stronger* arm, while holding a 60+ pound dog flat and upright high against a wall with his “weaker” arm…hmmmm. And the dog is straight and aligned…flat-pressed body…no gaps under the dog. I don’t know of any animal that wouldn’t be squirming with a hold like that. I’ve seen my dog a thousand times, belly up, kicking back, relaxed, falling full body onto a flat (carpeted) surface, not moving a muscle…just chilling. Could be this sick-f-ck-idiot came up with a twisted Photoshop idea. Just saying. No need to bash me…(but someone will, lol, so have at it)…just don’t look like to me this short stubby guy has what it takes to “smoothly” pull this off.

    • waffles

      No bashing needed. You provide a good point of view as a pit owner, and we appreciate your input.

    • John Baker

      I agree the pic is most likely Photoshopped, but creating it doesn’t make him sick. It makes him a troll.

  • Vincent Antonelli

    This photo belongs on Jerry Springer. LOL. 1.there is no shadow on the wall from the dog. 2. the man has no intensity in his face. 3.look closely at his fist. The fist is closed in a relaxed fashion, but not clenched. This photo has gone viral and the guy was smart enough to market himself in the favor of how gullible people are. He probably made about .25c/hit. It’s been hit millions of times and now he’s rich. LOL

  • Joel Andersson

    Even if the picture is photoshopped, the one who’s responsible for the pictures need to die. Instantly. I’ll help.

  • Tim

    It’s a faked photo. The man’s fist is not clenched, it’s weakly closed for a pose. Why isn’t this a video by the way? The dog’s body is sinking into the wall and the points of contact to the wall are EXACTLY as they’d be with it’s body laying flat on the ground and sinking into carpet. Regarding the dirt picture, fake. The dog would be suffocating and in distress if it’s body were buried to it’s neck and it’s lungs could not expand and contract. HOAX, sorry.

  • Tim

    How has it been proven legit? Because someone said it in this article? No sources or methodology were given. You believed a claim just because somebody said it. Fail. Learn to think critically. The dog is most likely laying on a carpet. The guys fist is barely clenched, a dog buried to it’s neck would be suffocating and in distress. That dog buried is chill. Fake.

  • max thatguy

    i think most of you need lives , to stay on here and worry about what others say about a pic is crazy , how do any of you know that this guy wasn’t being framed to be dis credited , how do we know any of it is real?, how do you know it wasn’t staged for a ASPCA campaign,i think were all entitled to our opinions but come on folks at least have common sense not to stoop down to the low life’s levels!!!!!!!!

  • Trixxi Starr

    I’m glad that c-ckhead was caught! I don’t care what any of you other people think about it being photo shopped an all the ‘keyboard heroing’ going on for the sake of a little internet drama in your internet life. -_-

  • devilin

    Hundreds of posts of trolls screwing with people who are too gullible to get that they’re being screwed with.

    What a collection of idiots.

  • Yvonne

    this is just heartbreaking, but does anyone know if they rescued to dog after the arrest ??

  • james

    Any idea of the dog

  • janet

    If this guy is quilty of punching that dog of the fb pic or any other type of animal abuse then he needs to have the same abuse he did to the animal done to him ten times harder.sick asshole

  • SJT

    This man is an evil a-hole. He his not even a human being. I volunteer to garrote him. He needs to be dead ASAP.

  • lehman

    he is standing in good position for a swift kick ….to ….where it counts

  • Mary Hearn

    This is a sick piece of sh-t. Someone needs to beat the crap out of him just like he is doing to the dog. He need’s to beg and beg for someone to stop hitting him. This guy is trash.

  • Jessica

    Does anyone notice the little kid shoes under the door in the background?

  • Bear Hartline

    I ask God to please just once allow me to be in the right place/time to show some cowardly fxzk just why they call me bear! I’m no badass by any means but that treatment of animals makes a purple light in my head come on and I’m not home anymore, bad things then happen! Come see me Patricio Millar!!!

  • Cole

    No it is not. The Photoshopped pic is a hoax fro back in 2009. Not even from the U.S. Geez people…

  • Linda

    Cole … just wondering how you photo-shop holding the dog to the wall by it’s throat? And I really don’t know why the kid’s shoes below the edge of the door show that it’s photo-shopped either …

  • waffles

    That was actually the very first link we used at the beginning of the article :-)

  • LizDuv

    @ waffles~~~So this has not yet been confirmed or proven false?

  • waffles

    There are several accusations and investigations reported, many pointing to Patrick/Patricio Millar, but we have yet to find an official report that corroborate the details with absolute certainty. I wish I had a more definite answer for you.

  • Mark

    you are the dumbass you say torturing an animal is bad, but go on to say that a HUMAN should be tortured. Some people are just stupid i guess

  • waffles

    Thanks for the links, Ron.

  • Kyle De Melo

    hes from chilie