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Photo of Man Punching Dog: Real or Hoax?

Photo of Man Punching Dog: Real or Hoax?

A photo showing a man holding a dog against the wall by its neck, threatening the animal with a clenched fist, has circulated for several years. Another image shows the dog buried up to its neck in sand. Are these images real or fake?

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The images are real.

The man in the photos was investigated by local police in 2012.

This page indicates that the person in the photo is a man named Patricio Millar, with several links to social networking sites as proof. It is unclear how they determined the identity of the man, and if that determination was accurate. They claim that the images were posted on his Facebook profile, but that profile has since been deleted. The site claims he is “working for the Chilean Parliament.”

The website BioBioChile appears to have broken the story on October 29, 2012 with this article which points to complaints they received regarding the photos. That article refers to Patrick Millar (note the spelling difference) and states that he belonged to the police school, not the Chilean Parliament. This post has a screen shot of a Facebook page allegedly of the same man in the photos in question. That Facebook profile has since been deleted.

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An article from October 30, 2012, states that the man in the photo is Patrick Millar and under investigation.

In 2012, singer David Draiman of the rock band Disturbed tweeted the image with the angry message, “SOMEONE PLEASE FIND THIS SICK F–K AND BRING HIM TO JUSTICE”

Several news sources reported the incident in October 2012 – and identified Millar – follow-up stories have been scarce. If you have any updated information as to the outcome of this case, please comment below.

Bottom Line

The best information we have regarding these photos is that they were taken of a man named Patrick (Patricio) Millar in 2011, who was suspended from police school after an investigation. Calls to find the man are outdated by several years.

Updated October 23, 2014
Originally posted November 2012

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  • John Baker

    I agree the pic is most likely Photoshopped, but creating it doesn’t make him sick. It makes him a troll.

  • Jessica

    Does anyone notice the little kid shoes under the door in the background?

  • SJT

    This man is an evil a-hole. He his not even a human being. I volunteer to garrote him. He needs to be dead ASAP.

  • devilin

    Hundreds of posts of trolls screwing with people who are too gullible to get that they’re being screwed with.

    What a collection of idiots.

  • max thatguy

    i think most of you need lives , to stay on here and worry about what others say about a pic is crazy , how do any of you know that this guy wasn’t being framed to be dis credited , how do we know any of it is real?, how do you know it wasn’t staged for a ASPCA campaign,i think were all entitled to our opinions but come on folks at least have common sense not to stoop down to the low life’s levels!!!!!!!!

  • Tim

    How has it been proven legit? Because someone said it in this article? No sources or methodology were given. You believed a claim just because somebody said it. Fail. Learn to think critically. The dog is most likely laying on a carpet. The guys fist is barely clenched, a dog buried to it’s neck would be suffocating and in distress. That dog buried is chill. Fake.

  • Tim

    It’s a faked photo. The man’s fist is not clenched, it’s weakly closed for a pose. Why isn’t this a video by the way? The dog’s body is sinking into the wall and the points of contact to the wall are EXACTLY as they’d be with it’s body laying flat on the ground and sinking into carpet. Regarding the dirt picture, fake. The dog would be suffocating and in distress if it’s body were buried to it’s neck and it’s lungs could not expand and contract. HOAX, sorry.

  • Joel Andersson

    Even if the picture is photoshopped, the one who’s responsible for the pictures need to die. Instantly. I’ll help.

  • Vincent Antonelli

    This photo belongs on Jerry Springer. LOL. 1.there is no shadow on the wall from the dog. 2. the man has no intensity in his face. 3.look closely at his fist. The fist is closed in a relaxed fashion, but not clenched. This photo has gone viral and the guy was smart enough to market himself in the favor of how gullible people are. He probably made about .25c/hit. It’s been hit millions of times and now he’s rich. LOL

  • waffles

    No bashing needed. You provide a good point of view as a pit owner, and we appreciate your input.

  • Paula

    I don’t think the picture is photoshopped. I think the texture is stucco wall and the dogs legs are at an angle that would indicate “hanging” in my opinion. I also have never buried a dog in the sand at the beach or anywhere else unless it was dead and that would have been in a favorite spot in the backyard.

  • T

    Whether these pictures be fake or real, this man needs to be caught and taught a lesson, by doing the same this to him. Then post the pictures on the internet and see how he likes it. These photos and any other ones depicting the similar inhumane treatment of animals are utterly disturbing to people like myself. I don’t care, anyone who takes and posts these type of pictures anywhere on the internet is a total a-hole with a demented mind. As far as I’m concerned these and any other photos like these are far from being funny at all. These type of people need to get a real life! What the hell is this frickin world coming to?

  • She

    Everyone can stop arguing. It was real. The guy is in custody. He has no child. The dog didn’t eat a kitten or lamb. Ridiculous. He is suspended from his job because he worked for the embassy. There is a petition to sign if you believe he should be prosecuted to the full extent.

  • katie

    This man was caught, his dogs taken, he was arrested and lost his job.

  • Penny

    Wow. I’m so impressed by people’s reactions. All of them. If I could take it I could probably learn a lot about my fellow humans just reading this.

  • michelle

    This man is as sick and disturbed as they come, anyone who can abuse an animal in this way needs to be taken away to court charged and put in prison for animal cruelty. He does not deserve to have a life he should be treated in prison in the same manner he treated that poor helpless animal. You are an inhumane person just pathetic….do you have children? Have you taught your children to be as barbaric as you? You deserve to rot in hell!!! I hate you and hope you are punished and I hope someone beats the living crap out of you and sh-ts down your throat you sick mf’er I really hope you rot and burn in hell you do not deserve to live. You sick sick jerk off goof!!!

  • anon

    If that man can punch a dog , he has already been abusing his dog for a long time, and he could be aggressive to people . I read a story of a man who stopped two people in canada from beating their dogs and he himself was beaten to death , and the officers trying to arrest the abusers were bitten by the abusers . The abusers were most likely charged now with murder . A person like this is not fit to live . This kind of man needs to be treated as he treats others .

  • waffles

    That was actually the very first link we used at the beginning of the article :-)

    • LizDuv

      @ waffles~~~So this has not yet been confirmed or proven false?

      • waffles

        There are several accusations and investigations reported, many pointing to Patrick/Patricio Millar, but we have yet to find an official report that corroborate the details with absolute certainty. I wish I had a more definite answer for you.

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